Enhancing a Tender Proposal through Marketing

Tender Proposals
Rob Cullum

The investment in time and resources in to a tender can be significant. This blog quickly highlights some of the marketing aspects you should consider to maximise that investment in a competitive situation.

Step 1: Adding £value£ to your bid

We have all heard “never judge a book by its cover”, but the reality is that as humans we often do. Whether it be an email with a PDF attachment landing in someone’s inbox or a document landing on someone’s desk it will be judged for professionalism and quality before being read, and then will be judged further by being read. Having quality tender templates in place can make a positive difference, as can passing the completed tender under the noses of people skilled in creative and marketing to tune the tender before it goes to the target prospect. By doing this you can:

increase product value
Increase solution/
product value £££
enhance business stature
Enhance your business stature
sick out against competition
Stick out against the competition
sell the company
“Sell” the company not just the solution

Step 2: Educating the reader towards your bid

A tender document has the potential to be read by a number of people at a target prospect. With limited time, likely different specific angles of interest (technical fit / procurement / implementation / management etc), and probably a number of tender proposals to evaluate, making a tender clear and effective can make a difference. Through marketing and the creative team, you can utilise infographics, strong supporting imagery, graphic representation, and develop a clear heading structure that can meet the needs of the target prospect contacts. By doing this you can:

educate your target readers
Educate your target readers quickly
enable stronger skim reading
Enable stronger skim reading
accentuate your key points
Accentuate your key points
differentiate from the competition
Differentiate from the competition

It is not a big task to involve marketing in your tender process. Considering the investment in tenders, it is a small % of effort that is needed to take the document to another level. Utilise marketing to beat the competition and make life easier for those reading – which surely must help!

Your marketing tender tick list:

  1. Get a tender template
  2. Let marketing / creative take a look
  3. Utilise infographics & imagery
  4. Beat the competition!
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