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As a technical B2B brand strategy agency, our expertise with manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses is extensive, and we have a tried and tested methodology for creating and developing logos and their brand extension within these sectors.

But getting to know your specific area of the market is still important – every company is different. As your strategic branding agency, we work to understand your offering, the technologies involved in your business, how you go to market, who your key customers and stakeholders are (we need to step into their shoes!), who the direct and indirect competition are, how we can differentiate effectively and where we need to toe the line for industry acceptance. This is a process we have been through many times and can effectively achieve utilising your industry knowledge alongside ours.

Although brand development is very much a creative process, using an expert brand identity agency ensures this is contextualised – we use data-driven decisions backed by industry and marketplace research to deliver the right result for your business. At Motion, each project is tuned carefully to the client, and we will agree exactly what you are going to get with your brand project. See the box on the right for a list of typical deliverables.

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How can Motion help with your brand strategy?

Typical brand development project deliverables:

  • Marketplace positioning chart
  • Marketplace colour chart
  • Competitive analysis
  • Example core messaging
  • Brand guidelines
  • Full brand file provision
  • Iconography examples
  • Infographic example
  • PowerPoint template
  • Proposal template
  • Stationary templates
  • Social media templates
  • Example brand applications

How Motion’s Branding Process Work

Creative branding involves many subjective elements to deliver success. Our process as a brand strategy agency detailed below help to bring those creative elements into a technology, engineering and manufacturing space.

Brand Strategy

5 Key Benefits of an Effective B2B Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Agency

Outperform the Competition

A competitive brand needs to be easily identifiable for customers to be enticed. An effective brand strategy will help create this through market place evaluation, a positioning strategy and competitor analysis.

To outperform the competition, it needs to be unique and suitable for the target market.

Brand Strategy Agency

Increase Business

You don’t want customers or prospects to devalue your business offerings because of a poor brand.

Well-executed campaigns, messaging and visual identity allow you to share with your target market your why your business is the best option, increasing your brand awareness and business value.

Brand Strategy Agency

Increase Customer Retention & Loyalty

Your branding is used across multiple customer touchpoints, both online and offline. Having a consistent brand throughout these channels helps with gaining strong customer recognition.

This continuous familiarity with your brand will help to build trust, brand advocates to support your business further and eventually, keep your customers coming back for more.

Brand Strategy Agency

Differentiate Your

In a crowded market place, a unique brand is needed to stand out from the crowd.

Create a brand that is unique to your values and offerings to help filter out the competitors and differentiate your business as a leader in your market.

Brand Strategy Agency

Drive Employee Motivation

Create a brand that your employees will be proud of. Make them feel more engaged and motivated to work hard at making your business a success.

Positive employees and a good reputation will also help when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent that will take your business to another level.

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