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We have created this handy marketing branding checklist to help you identify the collateral and channels missing from your brand. Tick the items you are missing below and let Motion Marketing’s branding experts help!

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Ensure consistency with our branding checklist

Branding can make or break a company, especially in the technology, manufacturing and engineering industries which are typically very competitive. In fact, research by McKinsey found that B2B companies with strong brands outperform weaker ones by 20%. Discover the “science” behind building a competitive B2B brand >

The key to an effective brand is consistency. The Marketing Rule of 7 states that average person will need to see your marketing messaging seven times before it sinks in. Having a clear, consistent identity can therefore go a long way towards achieving this brand recognition.

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It’s likely that many customers’ first interactions with your brand will be online, via a visit to your website, social media or an email sent to them. Having a professional, coherent brand across these digital channels will ensure you make a good first impression and help keep you front of mind. You can then work to ensure consistency across all your other channels and collateral, to create a really solid brand.

Use our branding checklist to identify any areas where your brand is currently inconsistent or needs improvement. If you need any support with your banding, our expert team will be happy to help.

Do you think we’ve missed anything from the branding checklist? Get in touch and let us know!

Tick the boxes where you have a need for addition or improvement.

    Digital Communications
    WebsitesEmail signaturesEmail invitationsEmail newslettersMicrositesConfiguratorsBlogsSales/Training videosAnimationsBannersAppsDocument DownloadsEbooks

    Image Library
    PhotographyIllustrationIconographyInfographicsSolutions diagramsVideo

    Business Documentation
    Business cardsLetterheadsCompliments slipsQuotes/Tender documentationInvoices/Proforma InvoicesBusiness/annual reportsTechnical documentationTraining documentationInstallation documentationT&Cs/Non-Disclosure Agreements

    Internal Marketing
    Brand guidelinesBusiness plan/missionSales cheat sheetsStaff training presentationsNew starter packsReward certificatesJob descriptionsIntranet/Internal systems

    Exhibitions & Events
    Exhibitions standsName badgesLead sheetsLanyardsPull up bannersPop-up stands

    Social Networks

    External Marketing
    Product/service brochuresProduct datasheetsPricing sheetsPresentationsNewslettersPress kits/Boiler platesDesktop wallpapersSurveysAdvertising templatesTelemarketing scriptsDirect mail templatesPartner collateral/certificatesPosters/Postcards/Flyers

    Product/Service & Packaging
    Product/Service brandingProduct Packaging/LabelsPlatform/Webservice BrandingShipping boxes/labelsShipping documentationPromotional documentationQuality control stamp

    Office Environment
    Welcome signage externalWelcome signage internalHealth & Safety signageInstructional signageOffice/Boardroom artworkVehicle signage

    PensMugsCalendarsCapsStickersToolsUmbrellasClient gifts

    Polo Shirt/ShirtFleece/TopJacket/OverallsHigh visTrousersSafety helmet

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    ...Don't forget
    during your
    rebrand to:

    Branding Checklist

    • Setup a project group and regular meetings
    • Create a time schedule with deadlines and responsible persons
    • Communicate the changes internally
    • Send a communication to suppliers & customers
    • Run an external Campaign
    • Organise an internal event/kick-Off
    • Register new domains
    • Change email addresses (don’t forget the general emails like info, sales or support)

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