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Driving Website Traffic with an Experienced B2B PPC Agency

Pay per click (PPC) is a great way to enhance your organic SEO and help drive additional relevant traffic to your website. The PPC model, if used right, can be a cost-effective solution as you only pay when your ads are clicked on – not for impressions. As your B2B PPC agency, we can ensure you get the best results.

The main PPC platforms we use are Google Ads and Bing Ads, as these typically see the best return on investment. Using PPC advertising on these major search engines can ensure your ad gets right in front of potential customers at the top of the search results, for search terms where your website may rank lower in the organic results. Google and Bing each have different user demographics and ad targeting options, so while Google clearly dominates the search engine market and has the leading PPC platform, a combined approach is often best.

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As well as offering a cost-effective way to reach new audiences, PPC also brings the benefits of driving warm leads to your website and enabling you to target very specific customer profiles, as well as undertaking retargeting to focus on people who have already visited your website.

B2B PPC Agency

Our B2B PPC Agency Services

As a B2B PPC agency, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your campaigns reach their full potential and deliver the very best results for your business. From initial keyword research and ad creation to reporting and optimisation, we can manage your pay per click advertising from beginning to end.

PPC Marketing Agency

Account &
campaign management

Maintaining the platforms to keep your PPC campaigns performing at their best takes time and is vitally important. This includes everything from full account setup to bidding options and conversion tracking.

PPC Marketing Agency

Keyword research &
intelligent ad grouping

Research and planning underpins any successful ad campaign. We undertake detailed keyword research to identify the most suitable terms, and create optimised ad groups to reach the right audiences with the right ads.

PPC Marketing Agency


There’s an art to writing great PPC ads and ensuring your landing pages convert. We use our specialist expertise in technology, manufacturing and engineering content to create targeted, well-optimised copy for your ads and landing pages to ensure the highest ad quality score and best performance.

PPC Marketing Agency

Remarketing & tailored
audience lists setup

Creating tailored audience lists ensures campaigns are shown to the most relevant, interested people, with no more overspending on irrelevant traffic. We can also undertake remarketing campaigns to recapture past website visitors.

PPC Marketing Agency

Reporting & optimisation

Reporting data is used to enhance ongoing and future campaigns, including bidding adjustments, keyword and negative keyword additions. We combine this with Google Analytics for even more insight into landing page and keyword performance.

Combining your Paid Search Solutions with Motion’s Full-Service Portfolio

PPC Marketing Agency

Organic traffic with an SEO strategy in place is great for sustainable traffic, and always our top recommendation. Our team work hard on a daily basis to generate high quality, optimised content for our clients, but sometimes it can take time for your site and its chosen keywords to climb up the rankings. While we believe strongly in organic SEO, we also believe in the power of PPC to enhance this further.

Combining your SEO strategy with paid search solutions will achieve instant traffic and maximum website visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) while you wait for SEO improvements to help you climb the rankings. Search ad platforms also enable you to bid on difficult-to-rank terms that are extremely competitive and which you may struggle to rank for organically.

A successful PPC campaign isn’t just about the management, setup or research into the platform. Getting your ad click is only the start, which is where an experienced SEO and PPC agency like Motion can maximise on your investment.

We offer the full portfolio, first driving people to your website with a combination of organic content development and PPC, then ensuring your landing page has the right content to engage both Google and the customer, before ensuring the page’s call to action (CTA) hits the right point on the buyers journey to deliver engagement.

Getting people to your website is one thing, but in order for your PPC campaign to be a success, you need to get them to engage. Your landing pages need to be well-optimised for the targeted keywords that you are bidding on, as this contributes to the quality score of your advert and how often you are shown in the SERPs. Good quality, relevant landing pages will also hook in the viewer and help reduce your bounce rate, keeping them on your website and making them more likely to convert. Effective landing pages include an engaging CTA, and our technical content specialists work to understand your buyers journey to ensure your landing pages are delivering results.

Take a look at our web development and content marketing services to see how we can create well-optimised, quality landing pages for your campaigns.

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