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Email marketing is an important part of the B2B marketing toolkit and can be used alongside other channels such as social media to effectively reach your customers and prospects, drive traffic to your website and keep you front of mind.

With research suggesting the average worker spends up to 4 hours a day checking their emails, it’s clear that email isn’t dead. As your email marketing agency, we recommend you use emails as part of a multi-channel approach, to ensure maximum success and exposure of your messaging.

With multiple types of email marketing to choose from, there is a huge range of approaches you can take to maximise the value of email to your business. Email newsletters are often the first thing that springs to mind for B2B businesses, however options using automation, such as triggered emails or transactional emails in response to specific actions taken on your website, can also see great results. Likewise, promotional emails can also be very effective when done right, perhaps promoting new products, services, events or offers.

B2B Email Marketing Agency

Fully-managed service for a successful B2B email marketing campaign

With multiple ways to optimise your emails and deliver clear, targeted messaging to the right audience, our fully-managed email marketing service will enable your next B2B marketing campaign to stand out from the crowd.

B2B Email Marketing Agency


Getting the right copy for your email is crucial to its success. Our technical content specialists use their expertise to convey the right information in the right tone of voice to suit your business and audience.

B2B Email Marketing Agency

Responsive templates & landing pages

Design can make or break an email marketing campaign. Our digital specialists offer fully tested responsive design and HTML code for engaging email templates and landing pages.

B2B Email Marketing Agency

Campaign integration

We will work to integrate email marketing into your wider marketing strategy to achieve the best results. By considering your campaign holistically, we can use email marketing as part of an effective multi-channel approach.

B2B Email Marketing Agency

Personalisation and segmentation

Email content can be personalised based on criteria such as customers’ website interactions, to deliver better targeted messaging. Similarly, our specialists can segment your contact data based on suitable products or services, to deliver communications tailored to customers’ specific requirements.

B2B Email Marketing Agency

CRM system integration

If you have a CRM system or are looking to implement one, we can offer advice and setup to enable you to use your CRM data effectively for your next email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Agency

Campaign reporting

Testing and reporting are a key part of email marketing. We provide campaign reporting on a number of metrics, and combine reports with Google Analytics for greater insight. A/B testing can then be used to optimise for future campaigns.

Combine your email marketing with Motion’s full-service portfolio

As part of an integrated approach, your email marketing can be used alongside our full-service portfolio to help drive the best results.

We offer B2B specialist content marketing and website development services to create engaging, high-converting landing pages for your emails and to drive your web presence and ensure great SEO. You can also use our social media expertise to back up your email communications by pushing promotional or news content to your followers.

By developing a marketing strategy for your email marketing to integrate with, we can seamlessly target your customers across multiple channels and platforms to help achieve your ultimate business goals.

B2B Email Marketing Agency

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