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Motion Marketing are your specialist B2B full-service marketing agency. Our wide-ranging B2B marketing services portfolio ensures we can meet customers’ marketing requirements by delivering the correct tools and platforms. Our full-service marketing portfolio includes strategy, digital, creative, events and content marketing.

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Full-service marketing agency
Marketing strategy services

Strategy >

Your marketing strategy is at the heart of your activities. Forming the foundations for future campaign success and providing you a clear outline of what your business wants to accomplish.

Our Areas of Expertise

+ Competitor analysis – sales & marketing
+ Route to market analysis
+ B2B lead generation strategy
+ CRM/database development
+ Sales and marketing alignment
+ Product/service solutions development
+ Brand evaluation

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Creative and brand services

& Brand >

From brand strategy and development to brand application, we can enhance your brand value and trust to give you that competitive edge. Branding is an important element of a business that is needed for growth and success.

Our Areas of Expertise

+ Brand development & application
+ Graphic design & iconography
+ Market place brand analysis
+ Infographic design
+ Photography & videography

+ Presentations & Proposals

+ Brochures & Assets

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Website solutions

Solutions >

Your website is your most powerful marketing and sales tool. Seamlessly integrated into all marketing efforts, websites offer a key source of lead-generation for businesses reaching wider audiences and enabling all marketing communications.

Our Areas of Expertise

+ Bespoke website development
+ Website structure and strategy
+ User journey’s and CTA analysis
+ Responsive and SEO-friendly designs
+ Copywriting

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Digital marketing services

Marketing >

Online channels are often where prospects experience their first interaction with your business and brand, so you should be yearning for a good first impression.

Our Areas of Expertise

+ Search engine marketing
+ Online advertising including PPC
+ Business social media management
+ Online reporting & analysis
+ Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

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Content marketing services

Marketing >

Content marketing is the backbone of successful campaigns, offline and online promotion, SEO and link building strategies. Valuable and interesting content will capture your target audience’s attention, so you can start to build trust with new prospects and get people talking about your brand.

Our Areas of Expertise

+ Content (text & visual) creation
+ Communications management
+ SEO optimised content
+ Press Relations
+ Business social media management
+ Sales tools & resources
+ Online/offline promotion

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Demand generation services

Generation >

Once your business goals and marketing foundations are in place, it’s time to start promoting your brand, products or services to your target audience.

Our Areas of Expertise

+ Online & Offline Lead Generation
+ Marketing Automation & CRM Integration
+ Internal Marketing
+ Events & Exhibitions
+ Inbound, outbound & account-based

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