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Are you looking to join a group of people that are passionate about marketing, seeing positive client results, and get pleasure from working with the team around them? Motion could be your answer. Being full service we have a host of skills within the team, experienced people to learn from, to listen, or to get support from.

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When you embark on your next marketing career step with Motion you become a valuable member of our friendly and knowledge team, who are passionate about their work and strive to deliver the best results for our valued customers. As a flat structured organisation, everyone has their own responsibility, support is available but not the micro-management.

We are very much a people and planet caring organisation. Even before COVID, flexible and remote working options were in place. The team still find it beneficial to spend some time in the office to maintain team collaboration. We are lucky to have our head office surrounded by plenty of nature in the Cotswold Water Park, providing the team with a relaxed and motivational atmosphere.

Several of the team started life in a more technical world, such as chemical engineering, computing, product design and manufacturing systems, before moving onto marketing – but not everyone. It is great to have a mix of backgrounds in the team, we love the balance, the sharing of ideas and perspectives.

Marketing Careers


Vacancies at Motion Marketing

Marketing Consultant – 12 months maternity cover

This is an exciting opportunity for a motivated, well-structured strong communicator, that would thrive in a fast-paced but fun environment, involving all areas of the marketing mix.

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Marketing Consultant – Nordics Language

Motion have enjoyed success recently both due to growth in our existing clients and winning new client business. This has generated an opportunity for a bilingual marketing professional to join our team, managing client relationships in the Nordics and delivering marketing value.

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Working on Projects that make a Positive Impact

Wherever possible we will partner with clients where their offerings enhance people’s lives or protect the planet we live on. We are passionate about being involved with companies whose solutions make a positive difference. This is why we do not get involved with the oil and gas sector unless it involves safety or benefits to the environment and we do not get involved in the defence sector unless it protects lives sincerely. Marketing is a powerful tool and in our opinion should be used for a positive purpose.

Some of the projects we are involved in that are having a positive impact are:

Extracting CO2 from manufacturing processes to create e-methanol – reducing emissions and fossil fuel extraction

Marketing Careers

Keeping schools open during the COVID pandemic

Marketing Careers

Increasing the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers around heavy good vehicles

Marketing Careers

Protecting people and companies from malicious cyber activity such as ransomware and phishing

Marketing Careers

Enhancing the safety of EU citizens through risk tracking on parcels entering the EU

Marketing Careers

Helping medical devices reach quality and regulatory standards more efficiently – faster to market and higher quality

Marketing Careers

Connecting student healthcare, mental health, education and careers to ensure pupils get the support they need when they need it

Marketing Careers

Ensuring the safety of rail engineers during site installation and maintenance

Marketing Careers

More effectively delivering drugs and equipment around hospitals through robotics

Marketing Careers

Taking diesel trains off the railways by effective rail electrification solutions

Marketing Careers

Providing many eco-friendly, sustainable and disaster relief solutions to organisations across the world, including obtaining clean water in emergencies

Marketing Careers

Promoting sustainable aviation solutions both in the air and on the ground

Marketing Careers

Helping people in rural areas of the world connect effectively with services such as banking, insurance, legal support and more

Marketing Careers

Utilise AI to reduce the amount of leakage in gas production and enhance safety for workers

Marketing Careers

Rewarding our Passionate Motion Team

It’s important to us that we reward the team that is pivotal to our success. We value a true work-home life balance, continued professional development by supporting education and qualifications, and team activities.

Read more benefits for working at Motion:

Charity of choice donation

Team trips and events twice a year

Flexible and remote working options

Casual dress and relaxed working environment

Monthly team lunch or dinner

30 days holiday plus all bank holidays

Cotswold Water Park location

Private medical insurance

Pension contribution

Office showers

Free office parking

Sit-stand desks

Team building events

The best way to achieve satisfaction is as a team…

Motion’s achievements are the result of a diverse team of individuals, each with their own unique talents, passions and lives. We believe in the power of collaboration, utilising our collective skillset and specialisms to accomplish positive outcomes to be proud of.

While work is an essential part of our lives, we strive to create an environment that fosters enjoyment and fulfilment.

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Freelancer collaboration for client success

Many of the Motion team have first-hand experience working as freelancers, with several team members starting their careers in as freelancers before joining us full-time. We are a company that specialises with clients in a technical world and many of those clients are partnered with Motion on retainers, but some are not, which sometimes require extra support to ensure we deliver to our customers exactly what they need.

If you feel your skill set and flexibility fits the technical client world of Motion, please do not hesitate in reaching out to or completing the form here.

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