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Everything we do is led by the marketing strategy. Whether as part of an ongoing relationship with a customer or a specific project situation, focusing on strategy is vital.

Your Technical Marketing Strategy Agency that Drives Results

Your marketing strategy forms the foundation for all marketing activity and future campaign success. As well as providing you with a clear outline of what your business wants to accomplish, it must deliver tangible results. It’s therefore important to invest time in getting your marketing strategy right for your business from the outset.

B2B companies often struggle with strategy-planning, due to the challenging nature of the markets they operate in and the often complex competitor environment. This is where using an experienced B2B marketing strategy agency can offer significant value. Through first-class marketing strategy planning, Motion Marketing can generate a results-focused strategy that delivers on B2B lead generation, route to market opportunities, competitor analysis and much more, all tailored to your business.

Our Customer Focused Results

B2B Marketing Strategy Agency
B2B Marketing Strategy Agency
B2B Marketing Strategy Agency
B2B Marketing Strategy Agency
B2B Marketing Strategy Agency

Developing Your Marketing Strategy for Sales Alignment

The success of many campaigns and activities is derived from the solid, well-planned strategy behind them. A good strategy considers both sales and marketing alignment and your ultimate business objectives and goals.

As a technical marketing strategy agency, our strategic planning starts with identifying your business’ aspirations and goals, and researching your competitors and status in the market. This helps us to ensure the marketing activities we implement will be the most appropriate for your target audience and marketplace.

In addition, we are often involved in product and service strategy, including product positioning, identifying customers, differentiating against the competition, clarifying internal sales strategies, and aligning these to effectively position solutions.

Integrated Marketing Strategy Approach

Business Strategy / Business Plan


Marketing Strategy & Plan

Marketing Foundations

  • Core messaging
  • Branding/visual elements
  • Client stories/CTAs
  • Marketing systems

Marketing Toolkit

  • Website (user journey)
  • Core content
  • Sales & campaign tools
  • Collateral & digital

Marketing Analysis

  • Full reporting
  • Industry trends
  • Client surveys
  • Sales performance

Marketing Activities

  • SEO & online ads
  • Social media/blogs
  • Campaigns & PR
  • Events/exhibitions

Why use Motion as your Marketing Strategy Agency?

24% of B2B businesses don’t have a formal marketing plan and of those who do, many of them are often tactical rather than strategic. Without basing your marketing tactics on a clear underlying strategy, you’ll find it hard to achieve and identify clear results.

We have extensive experience in developing and delivering against solid marketing strategies for B2B companies within the technology, manufacturing and engineering sectors. This specialist B2B skillset means we plan marketing that doesn’t just look good, but actually delivers.

How can Motion help with your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy Agency

Competitor analysis – sales & marketing

Marketing Strategy Agency

Route to market analysis

Marketing Strategy Agency

B2B lead generation strategy

Marketing Strategy Agency

CRM/database development

Marketing Strategy Agency

Sales and marketing alignment

Marketing Campaign Agency

Product/service solutions development

Marketing Strategy Agency

Brand evaluation


Our Marketing Strategy Projects


Digital Resilience & Transformation

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Customer Experience Management

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