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B2B web agency for bespoke website strategies, design and development. Specialising in IT, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Your Most Powerful Sales and B2B Lead-Generation Tool

Your website is your most powerful marketing and sales tool. Seamlessly integrated into all marketing efforts, websites offer a key source of lead-generation for businesses reaching wider audiences and enabling all marketing communications.

Motion Marketing is an experienced B2B web development agency creating bespoke website strategies and designs specific to your target audience and business goals built by our in-house team of website and digital developers. We have completed many website projects in the manufacturing, engineering and IT sectors and we have a strong understanding of the website fundamentals that need to be done correctly to ensure future website success. Have a website project in mind? Learn more about the process of our B2B web development services below.

B2B Web Development Agency

How does your website compare to your competitors?
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Experienced Design & B2B Web Development Agency

We recognise the key influence a valuable website can undoubtedly have on the wider marketing strategy and sales. By creating and combining strong website foundations, such as user journeys, site architecture, competitive bespoke website designs and technically sound SEO-optimised development, we can deliver results.

From SMB and enterprise corporate websites to e-commerce builds, we have the systems, knowledge and professional developers in-house at our specialist web development agency to deliver your next project.

Your website should be a true representation of your brand and company ethos, identifying and portraying your unique selling points and delivering trust to customers and prospects. Our streamlined web development process takes your website from concept to launch seamlessly.

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As a full-service marketing agency, search engine optimisation (SEO) is an additional core service we offer and is vital to a website’s success. Therefore, all our business websites are developed from the outset with SEO in mind. View our SEO services to start generating quality and relevant traffic. Please review the infographic below of further important website considerations.

Web Development Agency

Dedicated Web Development for Manufacturing, Engineering and IT

As a dedicated B2B web agency, we specialise in creating effective, valuable websites for the IT, manufacturing and engineering sectors. Our web development services are delivered by an expert team who can tailor your website to not only perform well in these highly competitive sectors but also help you stand out from your competition.

Learn more about the websites we’ve created for B2B organisations in the IT, engineering and manufacturing sectors, by exploring our industry case studies >

B2B web development agency

Our B2B Web Agency Approach

The process for strategy, design and development

B2B Web Development Services

Each business is unique, therefore every website we build needs to reflect this. We take the time to carefully understand your business goals, company ethos and what you want to achieve with your new website.

B2B Web Development

Research is crucial for developing a successful website. As such, we perform extensive research into keywords, competitors and your marketplace so we can ensure we deliver a project that is relevant to your target audience.

B2B Web Development

With a clear idea of your marketplace and target audience, we progress to creating strong user journeys that will influence their website route to increase conversions and a clear site architecture that will be easy to navigate with strong engagement results.

B2B Web Development

Our goal is to design websites that are both creatively rich and technically comprehensive. Our creative and development teams work closely through all stages of the project to ensure we achieve this.

B2B Web Development

This is where you see your website design truly come to life. We take the approved design and develop functional and responsive sites, which are clean coded and utilise the latest technical methods for the best performance.

B2B Web Development

Testing & Launch
Testing is a key stage of the website development approach. We check for modern browser compatibility, responsiveness and any technical errors using our comprehensive checklist before carefully planning a launch on a date to suit your business.


WordPress Web Development Specialists

Our preferred content management system (CMS) is WordPress, which powers almost one-third of the world’s websites. WordPress is extremely user-friendly for our clients, whilst offering technical freedom for us developers to create bespoke and highly functional websites. Being one of the most popular platforms means there are thousands of developers working to improve, update and identify any technology improvements the system may have, ensuring quick patches and fixes are rolled out for added functionality and security.

Although WordPress is our preferred web development option, we are very capable of applying our skills and CMS knowledge to various other CMS options on the market. So, if you would like to continue using your current website infrastructure, we are more than happy to accommodate this.

WordPress Website Agency
WordPress Agency
WordPress powers 35% of the Internet (2020)
WordPress Agency
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Updated with the latest technologies and user needs
WordPress Agency
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WordPress Agency
WordPress grows with your business from blogs to ecommerce sites
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