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Insightful Marketing Discovery Workshops

Knowing your business inside out is key to a successful marketing strategy. Our Discovery Sessions are a series of workshops that help us understand the core of your business to create informed marketing strategies that truly align with your business goals.

We bring our marketing know-how to these sessions, guiding your key stakeholders through a systematic and proven framework to assess where your business is and where you want it to be. We play an active role in helping your team express their thoughts and opinions and encourage deeper exploration of new and different concepts. By taking a deep dive into understanding what makes your business unique, we can uncover your brand identity and form a strategic growth plan that helps your business reach its full potential.

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Our Discovery Sessions

Our discovery sessions are structured, focusing on fundamental areas of your organisation

Understanding your business

Understanding your business
Delving into what your business offers – the products and services that make you unique.

Knowing your customers

Knowing your customers
Identifying your customer base, including their job roles and the specific business sectors they operate in.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis
Investigating who your competitors are and how they are performing.

Differentiation strategies

Differentiation strategies
Exploring how you differentiate yourself and stand out in the market.

External influences

External influences
Recognising the external factors affecting your business, such as behaviour drivers, pressures and trends.

Going deeper into our discovery process, we drill down into the finer details of key topics. We want to know more about your customers – not just who they are, but going beyond the surface level to understand what issues they are dealing with and what their goals are. We also take a close look at how your products or services make a difference. How do they solve problems for your customers and help them reach their goals? What does success look and feel like for them?

What about your competitors? How are they talking to customers? What messages are they putting out there, and how are they doing it? We assess where you are doing well against the competition and where you might need a boost. This helps us produce strategies that play up your strengths and tackle any potential weak areas.

Discovery Session Deliverables

Customer persona

1. Customer personas

We develop in-depth profiles that delve into the unique needs and characteristics of your various customer segments. By understanding what sets each group apart, we can create targeted and personalised marketing strategies.

2. Value conversations

We delve into your differentiators – the unique aspects that define your products, services and approach. We also explore your customers’ desired outcomes to establish key strategic focal points for moving forward.

Value conversations
Core messaging themes

3. Core messaging themes

Distilled from the broader pool of value conversations, we hone in on three key messages that encapsulate the core of your value propositions.

4. The compelling narrative

Informed by a deep understanding of your customers’ circumstances and needs, we create a story that details how your brand’s strategic response will achieve your customers’ desirable outcomes.

Compelling narrative
The messaging matrix

5. The messaging matrix

Using the insights from the value conversations and core themes, we create a strategic guide that unifies a hierarchy of messaging levels, ensuring consistent and impactful messaging:

  • Market definition: Identifying your true market and recognising the complexities within
  • Positioning: Identifying and owning a distinct conceptual space in the market
  • Descriptor: Clearly stating what you do without losing depth
  • Value propositions: Showcasing the real benefits that set you apart
  • Differentiated approach: Communicating why your way of doing things is unique and why it matters
  • Differentiators: Emphasising what you have that others don’t
  • Credentials: Providing concrete proof to back up your claims
  • Values and behaviour: Communicating your beliefs and how you behave as an organisation

Understanding what your brand promises

A brand is more than just its visual identity; it’s about the essence of what it represents. Our Discovery Services go beyond surface-level assessments to uncover the core of what your brand is truly about.

Understanding what your brand promises, the issues it addresses and the results it delivers enables us to create communications that are not just relevant but also stand out in the market. Attempting any marketing communications without this strategic groundwork can risk unfocused and haphazard messaging, essentially gambling on the outcome.

Many clients can often find in-depth strategic analysis and brand positioning challenging to carry out on their own. This is where outsourcing to specialists such as Motion Marketing can help. We bring objectivity, allowing for a fresh and unbiased perspective. Our approach also helps bypass common barriers such as internal politics and provides a proven methodology that focuses on uncovering and utilising the brand’s inherent value.

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    Motion Marketing is completely immersed in the technical world. With years of experience in both marketing and industry, our team of experts have worked with companies in sectors just like yours. We understand your marketplace well and the trends, dynamics and challenges that shape it.

    Our discovery sessions deliver the strategic insights that truly matter to your business, helping you lay the groundwork for targeted and impactful strategies. Start your discovery journey with Motion Marketing today to see how we can help you achieve measurable success.


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