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Motion Marketing works with clients in technology-led industries such as IT, manufacturing and engineering. We are a group of marketers that come with a strong technical understanding. We effectively extend our client’s marketing skills and resources, from your fully immersive marketing team to specific projects like brand audits and discovery. As a full-service marketing agency, we can deliver an integrated technology marketing solution that meets the needs of your business.

Our clients range from billion-dollar corporate organisations to niche technology specialist companies and start-ups, with most of our clients targeting an international audience. Our in-house team of experienced marketing consultants specialising in digital, development, creative, copywriting, strategy and campaign management allow us to offer an end-to-end marketing mix. Learn more about typical clients here >

Enabling your target audience through technology marketing

Technology constantly moves, innovation is driving progress, and your target audience needs to understand how it can most effectively achieve its business initiatives and address its business pain points/challenges. If you can effectively enable your target audience you can be involved earlier in their buying process or creating a purchasing opportunity. We are used to communicating with a technically aware audience, using the right language, the right mediums, and the right channels – connecting your business with your target audience.

Although our clients are often targeting a technical engineering audience they also have to ensure they are engaging with a more commercially focused team such as management and procurement. We understand this and will work with you to remove barriers to business and embrace clients across their job spectrums.

Our technology industry experience includes:


Marketing Solutions

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Manufacturing Marketing Solutions

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Marketing Solutions

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  • High performance computing
  • Fibre optical network / WDM
  • Cyber security / resilience
  • Data discovery & classification
  • Digital transformation for banking
  • SaaS applications & strategy
  • Advanced software development
  • IoT industrial wireless sensors
  • Precision Measurement equipment
  • Assembly technologies
  • Digital sensors for pharma
  • Precision weight sorting equipment
  • Polymeric insulators
  • Carbon capture & utilisation
  • Rail electrification
  • Energy transmission & distribution
  • Next generation maglev transport
  • Lifting appliances

Typical technology marketing activities:

  • Fully integrated marketing solution – your marketing team
  • Dedicated campaign solutions – inbound, outbound, account based
  • Monthly content writing – e.g. technology blogs and LinkedIn
  • Whitepaper creation – with or without infographics
  • Website strategy, design and development/enhancement with SEO application
  • Product / solution launch – sales tools through to PR
  • Channel / partner enablement tools and campaigns
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Technology Case Studies

Technology Marketing Agency

Growth marketing for technology companies

If your marketing foundations are in place (including a performing brand and website) our recommendation is a consistent regular mix of inbound marketing development, account-based marketing focus and outbound campaign targeted marketing. The balance of those three depends on your industry sector and your specific business status.

Some areas can be achieved quickly, but most campaigns need to sustain for a minimum of three months to build quality lead generation. We will be considering download tools, user journey landing pages, supporting content, and nurturing opportunities – with a solid understanding of your target audience and what their challenges are. We must be front of mind, either creating the opportunity or being there when the opportunity is recognised.

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IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, OT, digital transformation – our digital technology world

Whether dealing with a client in IT, engineering or manufacturing, we will likely be discussing the creation, connectivity, distribution, protection and effective use of data to enable a wider picture like IoT or digital transformation.

Marketing strategies and activities are likely to include highlighting challenges and application examples, creating whitepapers and download tools, and targeting a specific end-user audience to open doors for our clients. We do a complete mix of integrated marketing activities for technology-led industries. Read our blog here >

Technology Marketing Agency

Marketing for Technology Companies

B2B Technology Marketing Agency

Often, we find B2B technology products are likely to be functional, highly technical and therefore not always easy to display in a creative or impactful manner. As an experienced B2B technology marketing agency, we are used to understanding technical products and finding new innovative ways to communicate these benefits simply, to decision makers across multiple layers of their organisation. Applying solutions effectively to their challenges is vital for business success.

We create engaging campaigns by utilising digital marketing effectively, but ensuring we also mix in a full portfolio of marketing strategy opportunities. Together these deliver the maximum results. It is worth highlighting that effective infographics, which provide a clear-cut visual representation of the key message are often vital, these can integrate into whitepapers, website and animated videos to effectively drive target audience enablement, stitching you into the purchasing journey.

Other fundamental elements like data sheets, brochures and guides (digital most likely), to highlight the benefits of your product or service offerings; and white papers or example application case studies, to help present clearly to the customer the real-life challenges your products were designed to conquer are an important back bone.

Why Motion Marketing for technology companies:

  1. We talk your language – we live and breathe the technology industry
  2. Extensive technology experience – fast start enablement
  3. Full-service spectrum – internal development, SEO, content, creative etc
  4. International / national experience – effective industry targeting
  5. Extensive strategy audit analysis – brand, messaging, personas and more
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