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South Pole

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South Pole, Sweden’s leading Linux integrator required Motion’s technical knowledge and experience to take their brand to the next level to give credibility to what the business delivers to customers. During the project, Motion Marketing delivered South Pole a refreshed logo, brand guidelines, stationary, merchandise and a new website.


About South Pole

South Pole delivers high performance and enterprise computing solutions to businesses across the Nordics. As experts in Linux and server solutions, South Pole has been profitable since its inception in March 1999, with continuous growth. Partnering with Motion Marketing to develop the existing brand will help to continue driving the already successful growth.


South Pole - Technology Case Study


Need & Requirement

South Pole recognised their brand and logo no longer delivered the same credibility to what their business delivers. As such, a refreshed brand, logo and complementing collateral were required that would exude high-quality and compete with other key market players. Key rebrand focuses included: logo, brand guidelines, stationary, merchandise and the website.

South Pole - Technology Case Study


Motion Marketing Solution

During the initial planning and brainstorm sessions, Motion Marketing needed to consider a logo that would be versatile, as South Pole would be used on multiple applications from website headers, to branding IT equipment, such as servers, racks and cabinets. To keep South Pole involved in the creative process, they were provided with a range of options to choose from that would resonate best with their target audience.

The website homepage contained new content that would work for both the user and SEO purposes, and the new branding elements. The page highlighted the technical excellence of South Pole, built trust with their customers and provided a good foundation for a future international website. The homepage, which is the first phase of the website re-development, is in the process of being launched.

South Pole - Technology Case Study

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