Software Development Marketing

Software Development Marketing

Lemonade is a successful advanced software development company that recognised the need to step up in how they approached the market to attract more new business. Motion Marketing’s experience in the IT and technology sector meant we were a good match to achieve Lemonade’s vision.

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Software Development Marketing

An Expert Software Development Agency

Lemonade is an expert software development company with 15 years’ experience of enterprise-based software project management. Based across Belgium, Sweden, Spain and Argentina the organisation are experts at developing complex software that involves high levels of data, interactions and integrations for both private enterprise and government software developments.

Software Development Marketing Requirement

Lemonade sought to attract new business through intelligent, strategy-led marketing. The company needed a complete refocus of their marketing strategy including core messaging, positioning and target markets, before work on their visual identity and online presence could progress.

Motion Marketing Solution

The project started as a strategy evaluation session in Stockholm. The aim was to evaluate core messaging, segmentation of services and offerings, define target markets and to ensure the briefs were in place to advance Lemonade in its marketing journey.

With the strategy in place, the next phase was to develop the brand its visual extensions. This included a series of iconography and infographics that would quickly enable the viewer to Lemonade’s core skills and extensive experience.

Content and SEO were also key areas Motion delivered on. We created regular SEO-optimised content for social media posts, blogs, white papers, website content, news articles and case studies. All of which would help contribute to increasing Lemonade’s online presence and search engine rankings.

We delivered

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Solutions
  • Campaigns
  • PR & Content Marketing
Software Development Marketing

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Case Studies


Social Media Channels Managed


Keyword & SEO Strategy Developed

Software Development Marketing
Software Development Marketing
Software Development Marketing
Software Development Marketing
Software Development Marketing
Software Development Marketing
Software Development Marketing

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