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Pro Optix Case Study

Marketing for Technology

Like many projects the Pro Optix project started as a focused task, in this case a product portfolio catalogue. After solid evaluation it was decided that development of the brand was required for the catalogue to be successful, and a tweak of the company name. Motion is an ongoing marketing partner for Pro Optix involving marketing activities and communications management. Motion has been supporting Pro Optix with marketing activities and communications since 2015.


About Pro Optix –
IT Technology Specialist

Pro Optix is a leading provider of core to edge fiber optical connectivity solutions. Customers include system integrators, telecom operators, internet service providers, city carriers and the enterprise market across all vertical sectors through the IT channel. Pro Optix has offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Pro Optix Case Study

Need & Requirement

Pro Optix was in a strong sales growth phase when it first partnered with Motion Marketing. Pro Optix aspirations were to take the business to another level within its existing Swedish market, but also to raise the profile for possible international sales expansion.


Through fast growth the company found itself in a situation where marketing was largely a blank piece of paper, which Pro Optix management were keen to address, it was an exciting opportunity.

Pro Optix Need & Requirement

Motion Marketing Solution

Motion Marketing performed extensive research into Pro Optix target customer requirements, evaluating branding, product positioning, and go to market opportunities. The combination of a reseller channel and service provider / carrier customer base meant a mixed need was required.


Phase one was to take the existing Pro Optix brand and develop it to another level, respecting the brand awareness that Pro Optix already had. Phase two was to create the sales tools and substance behind the brand, including: Sales collateral, web portal development, product photography, exhibition design and communication templates.

Pro Optix Solution
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