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CI Precision

As a well-established company in precision weighing technologies and digital solutions, CI Precision required a strategically-led and creative marketing agency with manufacturing sector experience to develop the brand, clarify product brand strategy and advance the digital presence.

Precision weight sorters

About CI Precision

CI Precision continue to be industry-leaders in supplying precision weight sorters and graders, digital manufacturing solutions and recording microbalances. CI Precision’s customers include the world’s top pharmaceutical and bio-tech, industrial, agritech and aerospace companies.

Need & Requirement

CI Precision utilised Motion’s strategic discovery sessions based on analysis, critical thinking and creative problem-solving to pinpoint key areas for enhancements, including injecting competitive value to the corporate brand, introducing global innovation company positioning and streamlining the product brand strategy for a unified portfolio.

Development of their digital presence was also required to help customers access information on their website, enhance the international look and feel, and provide smoother user journeys, putting customer satisfaction at the forefront.

To deliver these marketing requirements, CI Precision partnered with Motion to utilise the team’s expertise in manufacturing, engineering and hi-tech sectors becoming a trusted collaborator to deliver a customer-oriented communication solutions.

Motion Marketing’s Solution

Motion executed a comprehensive brand transformation for CI Precision, which included an evolved identity that honoured the heritage of the previous brand. The website underwent a redesign, focusing on improved design, layout, structure, and the addition of core pages.

Motion also delivered new corporate and product brochures, strategically designed to enhance awareness, lead generation, and prospect nurturing.

The content, design, and promotion strategy were all diligently crafted by Motion. Additionally, a LinkedIn nurture campaign was implemented to boost brand recognition and drive traffic to the revamped website.

Work in progress includes the development of a Partner Portal, aimed at enabling and educating partners to identify opportunities and address typical challenges and questions.

Notable Outcomes


LinkedIn sponsored campaign impressions


Enhanced website and brand identity


New corporate and product literature created

CIP Project
CIP Project pages
What is a precision weight sorter?
CI Precision. Excellence in accuracy
Co2 to methanol
Time line
CO2 to methanol

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