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Water & Solar Marketing

Water & Solar Marketing

AoteA Global provides a number of eco-friendly, sustainable and disaster relief solutions to organisations across the world. By forming partnerships globally AoteA Global takes ideas, products and services that will enable people and communities where needed.

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About AoteA – Global Innovative Company

Operating in Northern Europe, Africa and Australasia, AoteA Global is an innovative company that utilises technology to help deliver water, power and disaster recovery solutions to places of need across the world. Power free water delivery and solar solutions are two key product sets.

Sustainable Engineering – Marketing Need & Requirement

AoteA Global needed a new brand that would help it engage with new partnerships across the world, to find the latest technical solutions, to develop relationships where needed. The product portfolio was growing into new areas, and a more global brand that delivers partner trust and business maturity was required.

Motion Marketing Solution

Under time restraints of a new opportunity for AoteA, Motion created a brand that engaged a global perspective – and importantly brought people further into the brand look and feel. Communicating sustainability was key to the project, highlighting the targets of the business, and encouraging others to be involved.

Differentiating between the various business areas that AoteA Global is involved with such as water and solar was an important criteria, plus visually highlighting the different regions in the world that AoteA operates – with a particular focus on a connection with Africa.

We delivered

+ Marketing Strategy
+ Creative Solutions


Notable Outcomes


Multi-function brand created


Brand use
concepts developed


Hours of competitor and market research


“I was extremely impressed with the speed at which Motion picked up the concepts and technologies that AoteA provide to their various markets. They then effectively translated that information into a creative strategy and brief, and then further into a business brand that clearly met the needs of the customer. Couldn’t ask for more.”

Shari Finch
Head of Marketing & Communications for AoteA

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