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Motion Marketing is your specialist B2B manufacturing marketing agency delivering strategic manufacturing marketing services for the industrial sector. We understand the challenges that manufacturing businesses face, including; complex purchasing decisions, potential long sales cycles, specific target audiences, or creating impactful campaigns from products that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. At Motion Marketing, we see these challenges as an exciting opportunity to develop and implement an innovative strategy that will help your business excel above the competition.

Industrial Marketing for Business Growth

It can take time for a customer to fully understand your product or solution offering, which has a high influence on creating an effective marketing strategy. We believe strongly in educating your customer base as efficiently as possible, providing educational sales tools, such as digitally created data sheets, inspiring infographics, online configuration tools, webinars and example case studies. These tools will help guide your customer through the purchasing decision, where at the end of the process, they can feel satisfied they have made an informed decision.

Every manufacturing organisation is different, from their product and service portfolio, to their values and work ethos. As your experienced agency, it’s imperative we take the time to learn and understand these benefits that make you unique, to ensure we create a strategy and activities that are suitable for you. This process will be accelerated with Motion Marketing because of our existing manufacturing knowledge, we talk your technical language.

Manufacturing Marketing Case Studies

IoT Wireless Sensor Specialists

IoT Wireless Sensor Specialists

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Sustainable Technology Marketing.

Sustainable Technology Marketing.

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Marketing for Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is an exciting development in the manufacturing industry, and with this change manufacturers need to adapt and adopt new technologies to digitise their business model. Growth is an important goal during this phrase, so businesses not only survive but also thrive.

If you are investing in new technologies, new techniques, new systems, in the aim of improving your business offerings, it is important to ensure we capitalise on this with effective marketing. Positioning you above the competition, justifying higher prices, influencing on winning bids.

There is also a strong case to consider how it is handled internally. Change can cause some uncertainty amongst employees, and talk of digitising operations could cause concern over the replacements of job roles to automation and robotics. Motion Marketing strongly believe in the power of internal marketing to help unite and distil concerns amongst the team.

Effectively communicating with employees during each stage, helps to keep them informed during the changes and give a feeling of involvement – they will feel more at ease if they are fully of aware of the upcoming changes and the reasoning’s for them. It will get them behind the company once more and become more motivated.

Motion Marketing deliver various internal marketing materials, including e-newsletters, flyers and developing company intranet sites. Please contact the team if your employees could benefit from some motivation and strong communication.

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