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Motion Marketing are a specialist engineering marketing agency. We have gained valuable experience and knowledge in producing content and campaigns that will resonate best with your target audience. We like to create content that solves problems for engineers, avoiding the sales hype and just sticking to the facts with validated data and in-depth specifications that help progress an engineering sales opportunity effectively.

A challenge that is consistent within the engineering sector is marketing a complex product or service offering to multiple layers of a customers’ organisation. Although engineers and technical teams may be the initial user, the purchasing decision is likely to be made by a VP, director or a senior procurement individual. We look at intelligent ways to adapt your marketing, creating educational sales tools that clearly explain and convey your product or service USP’s and messaging without being over-technical for top-level decision makers.

As seen in the manufacturing sector, complex purchasing decisions and a potential lengthy sales cycles can be a cause of frustration, as it can take time for a customer to fully understand your product or solution offering. To educate your customer base, and help eliminate these issues, we provide educational sales tools, such as core data sheets, online webinars, digital communications, case studies or white papers, which will help guide your customer through the purchasing decision, where at the end of the process, they can feel satisfied they have made an informed decision. Ultimately a mix of digital and traditional marketing is what will deliver the best results, and each business needs a tailored mix.

Case Studies

Engineering Case Studies

Motion Marketing partnered with engineering customers Morris Line Engineering and PACE Networks to deliver a complete mix of marketing services.

Visit our project page to view a complete list of our case studies and see a selection of our work.

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Every organisation is different, from their product and service portfolio, to their values and work ethos. We like to get a deep understanding of your business so we can create an effective marketing strategy that is unique to your business and aligned to your overall business goals.

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