IT Content Marketing – 3 Project Examples

Angela Greaves | Strategy

Article Published: 1st February 2022

Technology Content Marketing Angela Greaves

Engaging content marketing is the backbone of any successful marketing strategy, covering every channel in the marketing mix. But, what makes creating content for the IT sector different? Technology content marketing must work even harder to compete in a competitive marketplace and it needs to convey technical products/solutions in a simple, yet engaging and educational manner.

Technology content marketing relies on a multitude of skills and channels to be effective. Firstly, for the best opportunity of resonating with your target audience. the creator must understand technical content and the complexities of your product or solution. Secondly, it must be fully integrated with channels such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to maximise visibility and reach the target audience at the right stage in their purchasing journey.

Content marketing projects can come in all shapes and sizes, from technical data sheets and white papers to blog articles. Continue reading as we share three Motion IT projects where technology content marketing has delivered true business value.

Technical Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Guide – Pro Optix

Technology Content Marketing Pro Optix, a leading provider of fibre optic solutions, had an innovative WDM solutions portfolio to promote to existing customers and prospects. Motion Marketing worked with their technical team to create an impactful and educational technical guide on WDM that would provide a well-needed sales tool for the team whilst engaging the customer base effectively.

We recognised early on an opportunity for customer and prospect education. To help customers understand the core benefits of the ever-evolving technology, an introduction guide – developed in two languages to support international customers – offered a detailed overview of the technical basics of the technology, along with its benefits and how it could be used in real-life projects.

How did this technical WDM guide benefit the wider strategy? The guide was included across relevant solution pages and blog articles throughout the company website, delivering a strong call-to-action and making it a key tool to measure engagement.

In addition to the company website, the WDM guide was used on various LinkedIn campaigns, including sponsored posts and carousels to a targeted audience. It was a core sales tool for the team that helped accelerate the customers’ understanding of the technology and what it could offer to their business. The WDM guide was supported through insightful blogs to add even more knowledge and understanding and became an integrated element to their overall SEO strategy. The guide has been downloaded hundreds of times, and the business has seen considerable product sector growth in that time.

A Technical Blog Series on SASE – Accelerate Technologies

Technology Content Marketing Accelerate Technologies, a client-first IT partner for cyber resilience and digital enablement projects needed a go-to-market strategy for their new digital transformation offering, SASE. As an emerging offering to the market, Accelerate needed to begin the process of educating customers on SASE.

Working closely with the Technical Director, Motion developed a weekly series of 5 technical SASE blog articles. This series covered all the main areas of the emerging offering including an in-depth introduction to the framework, scenarios, vendor selection, and implementation strategies.

As well as providing education and enablement, creating regular consistent technical content was fundamental to the strategy for improving Accelerate’s SEO performance. SASE has little competition in organic search and this presented an opportunity for them to get ahead. Now, publishing keyword optimised content is giving the business solid SEO foundations and a thought-leadership status to outperform any future competitors – vital for when competition and searches for SASE increase.

How did Accelerate use these technical blog articles? A concise SASE project guide landing page was developed, which collated all the articles and guided the reader through each stage of adopting the solution. The blogs were also integrated into several digital campaigns, including LinkedIn sponsorship (carousels and sponsored posts) to reach an extended target audience; email marketing campaigns to notify existing customers of the new educational tools; and core content for keyword targeting and generating new opportunities through website traffic.

Technical Product Pages – SecurEnvoy

Technology Content Marketing To advance SecurEnvoy, an innovative cyber security solutions provider, with promoting their core product suite, Motion Marketing provided technical content, design, and development of four new product pages tackling multi-factor authentication, identity and access management, data discovery essentials, and data loss prevention.

We started this technology content marketing project with thorough keyword research, identifying high-intent keywords with strong search volumes and low competition to optimise each product page. The content was developed into a mixture of text copy, infographics, and iconography, to showcase how all four core solutions integrated into the complete portfolio. Other key areas the technology content had to highlight were SecurEnvoy’s trust and technical expertise alongside driving demonstration and trial requests to generate leads.

Beyond the website, the new product pages were used on various digital campaigns, including Google Ads (helping to improve quality score and overall ad visibility), LinkedIn sponsorship, and internal linking from blogs for a source of more information. The page content was also expanded upon to provide downloadable brochures as a key website measurement tool.

Since the launch of the product pages with updated technical content, user engagement has increased and the SecurEnvoy team are now seeing a higher quality of inbound leads that have converted to direct business several times.

Need help with your technology content marketing?

As a technology marketing agency, writing technical content and immersing ourselves in the complexities of IT solutions or products is second nature to us. We’ve created a variety of technology content marketing from downloadable white papers, data sheets and guides to product web pages and blogs. If you need help with your technical content marketing, please reach out to the team to discuss your next project.