Industry 4.0 Marketing – Are You Promoting Your Investments?

Promoting Industry 4.0 Investments
Chloe Bunce

Investments into Industry 4.0 are set to reach €140 billion by 2020, according to a study by PwC & Strategy. These investments are major milestones that require resources, finance and strategic planning to get right. Despite the work that comes with investment, it is still vital for the continued success of a business. Industrial businesses should be striving for sales growth, remaining competitive and appealing to new prospects.

Businesses dedicate valuable resources and finance investments during the industry 4.0 transition for technologies such as new machinery, industrial IoT or operational technology. Therefore, these investments need to be communicated to customers and prospects, maximising opportunities and ROI quicker through industry 4.0 marketing.

Industry 4.0 marketing: Investment is a strong message:

Investment is a strong message. It highlights a business’ commitment to improving upon its services, products/solutions and it highlights a forward-thinking attitude and that is reliable to compete in this digital changing era.

The benefits of investments into Industry 4.0 will not only improve upon technologies and the processes of a business, but these will filter down for your customers and prospects. As such, it is important that they are aware of the fact. Benefits include:

  1. Smoother processes in-house mean quicker production and delivery times. With customers becoming increasingly more demanding in the online era, how quickly a product can be produced and delivered will be a major influencing factor when choosing their supplier.
  2. Machine-learning data for example can help reduce waste, which in turn can be passed down to the customer. Reduced pricing can help make a business more competitive in the market place and the number one choice.
  3. Higher quality of products being produced with increased efficiency. A better-quality product will enhance the experience the customer has with your brand. If they are happy, they will become repeat customers, or even brand advocates, recommending your high-quality products to others. Let them do the marketing for you.

How can I promote this message with industry 4.0 marketing?

Communication with customers is key after investment and can be done in several ways. Your most powerful tool for any marketing is your website. It is your shop window and where, according to a Forrester study, 68% of B2B buyers prefer to research on their own, online. Get a head start over your competitors and seek to ensure your website contains all the benefits that you can offer them clearly. A strong website will also filter down to your search presence, you want to be visible when your target audience comes looking for your product or solution offering.

Aside from your website, there is a mixture of online and offline channels where you can reach your customer. Some of these channels include:

Social Media – a platform that is quick and cost-effective to push your investment message and its benefits to a wide audience. If you have yet to build up your company follower base, you can make use of social media advertising to promote posts to a refined target audience using a variety of filters.

Email Campaigns and Automation – If you have a strong database of customers, why not prepare an automated campaign to take your customers on a journey through the benefits and what it will mean to them. You will receive good analytic data and insight into what your customers engaged with the most, which can be used to refine future email campaigns for greater success rates.

Online PR – Backlinks are key for improving positions in search engines. A backlink is essentially an online recommendation, it is a third-party website’s way of endorsing your site and in turn, its content. Online PR is great for generating these backlinks as well as creating brand and product awareness.

Direct Mails – Engagement with your customers doesn’t need to happen only online. Direct mails are a good way of connecting with your audience and promoting your message, after all, it’s hard to ignore a physical letter through the post.

Content Marketing – Content marketing is present in nearly all campaigns, be it offline or online. A convincing piece can help influence decisions, or in this case, emphasise and help customers understand the benefits of industry 4.0 investments and what it will deliver for them. Whether it is through a whitepaper, infographic, blog article or datasheet, there are plenty of ways content marketing can help spread the word.

There are many more channels and platforms for a business to take advantage of to promote their investment message, so you won’t be at loss of places to reach your audience. View our marketing services to see a complete list of how you can promote your new investment.

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