Why Partner with a Marketing Agency for Your Technology Business?

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Chloe Bunce

After working within Marketing at a value-add IT distributor for five years, it became apparent that technology is a highly competitive and fast-changing industry. The need for an intelligent and strategic marketing plan is essential for accelerating sales growth and achieving key business objectives. Fortunately, businesses are no longer restricted to only the talent inside their company and can instead hire external resources to help achieve their goals. Continue reading below as to why partnering with an agency could be a valuable investment for your technology business.

Gain an Outside Perspective

Getting a pair of ‘fresh eyes’ to evaluate your existing marketing activities could identify new and exciting opportunities for your business to take advantage of. An experienced technology marketing agency can provide that alternative outlook and will have familiarity with your target market and industry; likely gained from promoting similar brands to your own. Businesses can benefit from this industry marketing knowledge, as the agency may have a wider perspective and understanding of what marketing campaigns and strategies are likely to succeed to deliver you the best ROI.

As important as an outside perspective is to a business, without the internal knowledge, a successful marketing strategy is unlikely to prevail. The inside knowledge and experience management teams have on their own business is invaluable – no one can understand a company’s work ethos, values and audiences better than the team that run them. Working in partnership with your external resource will help to create a competitive marketing strategy suitable for your business requirements.

Partner with a Multi-Skilled Team

Businesses that may be hesitant to hire a suitably sized in-house marketing team are unlikely to find a single employee who can offer the appropriate amount of knowledge and skill needed for each marketing channel. Erase the burden of recruiting, managing and motivating a marketing team and let the agency take on the hassle! Marketing agencies typically have specialist employees dedicated to key areas of the marketing channel such as; digital, campaign management, branding or web development, to give you peace of mind that your campaigns are designed and implemented by experts.

A key element of providing clients with a highly skilled team is the commitment to make continued investment in the latest tools, software and employee training to ensure they stay abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies, so you don’t have to.

Flexibility to Focus on Your Key Initiatives

An in-house marketing team can offer many benefits to a business. However, the limited flexibility in adjusting the skills needed in the team during different stages of a marketing plan can be problematic, particularly for small businesses. Companies have greater control to scale up or down on the skills they need to work with their current marketing projects and financial situations. By working together on annual marketing plans, marketing agencies can deliver the skills when needed – this could be aligning digital campaigns across the year when you do not have activities such as exhibitions or sales kick-offs.

Inventive Campaigns for Positive Results

The creation of innovative and competitive campaigns in the technology world can be difficult to maintain, especially when this is combined with the need for simple messaging to promote a technologically advanced and complex product to audiences. Marketers enjoy thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting a brand, product or service in a competitive industry, these inventive campaigns help to breathe life into a company’s marketing and encourage customers to engage with a brand. Working in partnership with a skilled marketing agency will ensure you deliver innovative marketing campaigns that meet the needs of your business offering.

Overall, outsourcing your businesses marketing activities to an experienced agency can be more cost-effective, and provides you with a skilled team to sit alongside your specialists ready to take on your business and drive demand, leads and ultimately sales.

If you are looking for your next marketing agency to accelerate your business growth, consider Motion Marketing. Motion has a wealth of industry knowledge, having been involved with launching over 20 technology brands into EMEA. Please contact us to find out more about our services or to discuss how we can help with your business requirements.

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