What is a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

Full-Service Marketing Agency
Andy Kendall

Growing a business in today’s competitive market is no easy task. Getting your product and price point right is only part of the equation — they can only get you so far unless you have an audience. So, how do you go about attracting an audience — and more importantly, the right kind of audience that can take your business to the next level?

With 83% of global CEOs saying that marketing can be a major driver of business growth, it is worth considering how you can implement a strong marketing plan for your business. A full-service marketing agency is best placed to help businesses with this because they have the expertise and portfolio scope to deliver the exact marketing solution you need.

But what is a full-service marketing company? And what types of marketing activities can they help with? Continue reading as we look into how a full-service marketing agency can work with companies to achieve their business goals.

What does it mean to be a full-service marketing agency?

In short, an agency that offers a full-service portfolio is one that can provide the necessary services a business requires for marketing, advertising and promotion. Social media, content creation, web development, creative design, print and digital advertising (and more) are all part of a full-service agency’s bread and butter. This doesn’t mean, however, that a business must use all these services; some can be stand-alone, and others bundled together.

A full-service marketing agency, like Motion Marketing, has lead specialists in each core marketing discipline. At Motion, having access to a specialist in areas like digital marketing, creative and content ensures that we can deliver highly-skilled strategies and campaigns. And having worked on many projects together as one team, the disciplines operate like a well-oiled machine to keep all campaign goals aligned.

The benefits of working with a full-service marketing agency

Many small business owners know that marketing is important but find it difficult to give it the attention it deserves when there are so many other competing responsibilities and duties to manage. This is where a full-service marketing agency can help.

Skilled full-service marketing agencies will work with you to become an extension of your team to either lead and run entire campaigns or support your in-house marketing team. This ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to marketing leads to a stronger overall campaign, and it can be more cost and time-effective compared to parcelling out your marketing activities.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with a full-service marketing agency:

Diverse and experienced marketing specialists

Unlike some agencies that specialise in just one type of service, such as PR or digital marketing, full-service marketing agencies cover all forms of marketing. The team is typically made up of specialists in each core discipline, such as digital, creative and content marketing.

Partnering with a full-service marketing agency gives you the benefit of working with a well-rounded team of experts who can deliver excellent, consistent results across various marketing channels. And unlike working with multiple single-service agencies, working with a full-service agency can help avoid fractured branding, conflicting ideas and inconsistent messaging within a campaign.

Responsive marketing

With each specialist being an expert in their area, they can keep up with current trends so that you won’t have to. Collectively, the team can respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and roll out seamlessly the necessary updates to each channel when required. Not needing to stay on top of every aspect of your marketing and advertising means that you have more time to spend on other parts of your business.

Omni-channel integration and strategy optimisation

Full-service marketing agencies have a holistic view of a company’s values and marketing objectives, which means they are best placed to deliver a cohesive and impactful omni-channel marketing campaign that matches a company’s vision and strategy.

Since full-service marketing agencies can be involved with many diverse aspects of a client’s marketing campaign, they can better integrate themselves between channels to implement an all-encompassing strategy and convey a consistent and coherent message across various channels.

The ability to work across multiple channels is a benefit that should not be understated. Agencies that cover the full marketing portfolio under one roof have a better view of the wider marketing strategy and can get to know your business inside out. Because of this, they can have a more meaningful influence over the assets that are produced and used for each channel. This again helps establish a consistent and coherent message, which can help reach more customer touchpoints for a more effective campaign.

How to choose a full-service marketing agency?

If working with a full-service agency sounds like the right approach for you and your business, then the next step is to find an agency to partner with. But with so many agencies out there, how do you go about picking the right one?

Consider an agency’s specialism and sector experience

Few agencies are geared up to work with every type of industry. So, it is important to consider the industries an agency specialises in as well as the experience of their marketing staff.

For example, in the manufacturing, engineering and technology industries, you need more than just resources, passion and creativity to get you where you need to be. These aspects are important to marketing, of course, but you are more likely to get better results if you work with staff who can develop a solid understanding of technical topics. This will enable them to clearly communicate to your target audience the services and products you want to promote.

When reaching out to new agencies, it is important to understand their technical expertise to ensure they can grasp technical and complex concepts quickly and correctly. Apart from speaking to the agency themselves, case studies are a great place to start to get a flavour of the type of work they do and the types of industries they specialise in.

Partnering with the right team of skilled professionals can help strengthen your brand, as well as save time and money. We call ourselves here at Motion Marketing a technical marketplace-aware organisation. Our team has the right mix of creative and tech so that we can deliver great marketing solutions that are creatively and technically balanced.

We have worked on numerous campaigns for a variety of clients across the technology, manufacturing and engineering industries, so we have the experience, data and know-how to develop proven solutions for your business.

Consider an agency’s culture, values and personality

Many full-service agencies offer a variety of marketing solutions, but it is important to remember that you don’t have to use them all. Be wary of agencies who push their full-package services indiscriminately, whether you need them or not, as you might not end up with a custom solution that is aligned with your business goals.

Here at Motion Marketing, we don’t believe in selling our clients services they don’t want or need. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ‘cards on the table’ approach to doing business.

We adopt an open and honest approach with our clients, many of whom have made us their marketing partner of choice. So, with us, you can be confident that we put your needs, goals and budget first to develop a tailored solution that works for you.

B2B Marketing Services

Motion Marketing’s comprehensive B2B marketing services portfolio allows us to offer tailored solutions to meet each customer’s unique marketing requirements.

Our full-service marketing portfolio includes strategy, digital, creative, content and events marketing.

Marketing Strategy Agency

Marketing Strategy

We work closely with our clients to understand where they are to get them where they need to be. Our expertise lies in formulating long-term plans to help our clients accomplish their business goals.

B2B Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing & Web Solutions

Our digital marketing team specialises in helping our clients increase their reach and generate leads through digital channels.

Creative Agency

Creative & Brand

A solid brand is critical to a business’s growth and success. Our creative team can develop the tools needed to drive brand awareness for a client and enhance their brand value to give them that competitive edge in the market.

Campaign Agency

Demand Generation (Campaigns & Events)

Whatever a business wants to promote, we can help. From online campaigns to in-person events, we can develop the right solution to maximise our clients’ reach to their target audience and generate leads.

B2B Marketing Agency

Content Marketing & PR

Marketing is not just about what you say, but also how you say it. Our content specialists are experts at getting this right so that companies can become visible to their target audience and capture their attention.

Get in touch with Motion Marketing if you would like custom solutions to accelerate your business growth. From specific marketing activities to a full-service marketing portfolio, Motion’s expert team can integrate seamlessly with your business and deliver what you need to help you achieve your business goals.


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