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5G Marketing
Ollie Butler

The hype surrounding 5G technology has been growing considerably across many industries with businesses all eagerly awaiting the much-improved version of the 4G LTE connection. As well as 5G having an impact on users’ everyday lives, with much faster download and upload speeds, this new technology will also deliver many benefits to businesses and their marketing strategies.

5G Technology Marketing Trends

Interest in 5G has been increasing in popularity over the past 5 years. The graph above from Google Trends depicts the number of searches users have been performing on the topic since February 2015.

Core Benefits of 5G Technology Enabling Better Customer Experiences

5G Technology

Faster Connection Speed – In the daily life of an average user, 5G will have a significant effect on their network connection. Estimated speeds for 5G are around 50-100 Mbps. In comparison to the 4G network, this is almost 10 times faster than the current 8-12 Mbps. For businesses, it presents an opportunity to utilise this quicker connection with richer downloadable content on websites. Videos, tools and imagery can be hardness to capture the user. It opens doors for new creative solutions.

5G Marketing Benefits

Greater Accessibility – 5G users will benefit from an enhanced experience through the mobility of the network. 5G technology can support movement of up to an estimated 310mph. Consequently, customers will eventually have excellent connection even on high-speed trains. This allows customers greater accessibility, not only geographically but also on the move.

Marketing Benefits

Reduced Lagging Times – As the world continues with its digital era, more people own and use multiple devices in public spaces, which are nearly always connected online. An area with a significant number of connected devices can cause Internet loading times to be slow and cause excessive lag. 5G will help solve this problem, by enabling the number of devices able to be connected in the same vicinity to increase ten-fold.

What will 5G Technology Deliver for Marketing?


Increased speeds and connectivity through 5G will allow businesses to embrace more videography. 5G is more powerful, allowing mobile website visitors to load and view videos without sacrificing website page performance and loading times. The quality of the video will also be able to remain high for better viewing.

Videography is slowly being incorporated in business to business environments, with 59% of executives stating they would rather watch a video than read text. It’s a quicker way to portray and convey information to a customer as well being more aesthetically pleasing. According to a recent statistic, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text.

Increased Personalisation

Personlisation is a key trend in digital marketing and is one that helps businesses develop a deeper relationship with their customers. 5G will help continue this trend with the opportunity for more personalised advertising. The larger data transferring will allow for AI-powered advertisement to change midway through a video depending on what option was chosen. This will help keep users engaged and provide a more positive brand recall.

More unique and sophisticated created solutions can be delivered without the issue of losing quality and increase page loading times. Designers will be able to create a consistent UX experience for customers, wherever they are and on whatever device they are using.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

5G will open the door to using AR and VR in the workplace to aid business. In manufacturing, Virtual Reality could be used to help companies simulate working in dangerous environments to help remove risks. AR will also help make lives easier for engineers, technicians and maintenance staff, as they can look up information online directly, rather than through a manual.

A selection of manufacturers have already been adopting LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), as shown by Huawei and Toshiba’s Narrowband IoT solution for smart factory monitoring. Another manufacturer Flowserve uses augmented reality to predict any pump failures. It shows the engineers the exact steps for making the fix, as well as allowing the analytics to enter directly to the system. This saves time and effort for engineers.

It’s clear that 5G will offer exciting opportunities for both business and users. With 5G already becoming more available to EU customers, is your marketing ready to advance to the next level? Speak to the Motion team to see how we can assist. View our services portfolio to learn more.

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