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Technology Marketing Company
Claire Randall

Motion was born from an internal agency that launched new technologies from the US and Asia into EMEA. So the company had a running start in understanding technology, the stakeholders, the channel, and how to have maximum success in driving sales through marketing.

While we specialise specifically in the technology, engineering and manufacturing sectors, the range of marketing solutions we offer is vast and can be tailored to suit your specific company. As a full-service B2B marketing agency, our marketing portfolio includes strategy, digital, creative, events and content marketing.

So, how does partnering with Motion as your B2B technology marketing agency benefit your business?

We speak your customers’ language

Along with our B2B marketing expertise, the core leadership team at Motion all have technical backgrounds and education, including product design, chemical engineering, manufacturing systems, geography and computing. This unique mix of tech and marketing is deliberate, and key to our ongoing success for our customers.

As a technology marketing company, engaging with technical teams comes naturally to us. Deciphering often complex technology into clear messaging, without removing value, is central to what we do. Marketing’s greatest friend is often the technical team – we ask, we listen, we work to understand your products and services. Getting to the heart of what you do enables us to do what we do best and reach your customers with the right messaging at the right time.

“Motion was the obvious choice to help launch our new business. With previous industry and channel experience, the team quickly understood our technical solution portfolio to create and execute a new marketing strategy, website and brand that would be competitive and suitable for our target market.”Darran Clare, Director, Accelerate Technologies

Read more about how we helped cyber security and digital transformation specialists, Accelerate Technologies, as their full-service marketing partner >

Technology Marketing Company

We know how to market to your technology sector

We understand that everything starts with driving sales. We are an experienced campaign marketing agency that drives lead generation, but we also know that balancing short-term lead generation with long-term opportunities is the key to success. Do the long term strategy well, and the short term lead generation becomes a lot easier as you move forward.

When it comes to generating opportunities, our specialism as a technology marketing company means we understand the personas of the people you’re targeting. From the channel sales team and core IT staff, within an enterprise, to the CEO or CFO that needs to instigate change, we work with our customers to constantly focus our targeting. How we communicate your marketing messages is vital, through both written and visual content. Our infographics and iconography quickly aid understanding, alongside high-quality technical content. Remember, your SEO strategy should be set by people that understand your industry and can write about it – like Motion Marketing.

Marketing is especially important during this uncertain time when competition in the technology sector remains high and B2B buying behaviours are shifting. 87% of B2B buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey. Having a B2B technology marketing company that understands your sector and what education and enablement tools your audience needs could make a huge difference to your business. Read more about the importance of marketing in an uncertain environment >

We see the bigger B2B technology picture

Understanding the tools and processes in the industry helps, and this is another benefit we bring as a dedicated B2B technology marketing agency. Whether it’s Visio diagrams utilised in bidding, the manufacturing processes with hardware, or the software development techniques used, we have an element of understanding. It means we can see the wider picture, what’s involved in creating your products, and the skills and energy injected.

Our industry experience includes a wide range of technology business environments, including those shown below. This means we can take a broader perspective and apply learnings from different areas to different scenarios.

High-Performance Computing


Software Development


Cyber Security


Fibre Optical Networking

Fibre Optical

Cloud Computing


Digital Transformation


Because we work with a host of technology, manufacturing and engineering companies, we see a solid picture of the market from different viewpoints. Let’s take AI and machine learning as an example. Our technology companies are looking to sell it or embed it, while our engineering and manufacturing customers are looking to implement it or develop their elements alongside it – we get to see it from several perspectives. More about AI here >

As a technology marketing company, we work like you

Because our customers’ world is so data-driven and structured, we use those influences ourselves in how we work. From the SEO and project management tools we use to the CRM and marketing software integration, we balance our marketing creativity with a process-driven approach backed by data.

For example, our creative brand development process uses a proven approach which we’ve developed to evaluate the marketplace. While all creative work is subjective, we’ve found that the application of a systematic process provides our customers with a clear brand development journey and ensures confidence in the output.

This strategic branding approach was used on a branding project for the high-performance computing company South Pole. By understanding their business and the industry in which they operate, we implemented a brand refresh and updated website which led to a 220% increase in traffic. Read more here >

There is no golden ticket to marketing, but we see and understand what has the most influence and effectiveness in a technology marketplace. Contact us to discuss your marketing requirements and to find out if we’re the perfect technology marketing company for your business.

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