10 Reasons to Partner with Motion Marketing

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As an experienced B2B marketing agency, we are proud to have worked with some innovative customers to deliver our full-service marketing solutions. But what makes Motion the partner of choice? From our in-depth technical understanding to our honest and open approach, continue reading the top 10 reasons our customers continue to partner with us.

1. Technical Understanding

An important foundation to Motion Marketing is that although we offer extensive B2B marketing expertise, many of the team started in specific technology-based education and industries, such as Product Design, Computing, Manufacturing Systems, IT and Chemical Engineering.

Why is this technical understanding so valuable to our clients? This in-depth industry and product knowledge has enabled the team to quickly understand the inner workings and benefits of a complex product or solution. We often already have some insider perspective on the target audience so that we can focus our time on delivering the best marketing solutions that fit the business goals and will deliver maximum value.

2. Honest and Open Approach

Customer success is a core value to the business and one that we hold with great pride. Although our services portfolio covers the complete marketing mix, not every service will be right for your business. We continuously put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and question ‘where would Motion spend the budget’ so we are confident marketing budgets are being allocated and invested in the activities that we believe will truly deliver business value. Our openness ensures we ask the right questions, often constructively challenging ourselves as well as our clients.

3. Integrated Marketing Capabilities

We offer a full-service marketing portfolio because we believe to truly maximise the success and value of your marketing projects/activities, it must be integrated into the wider strategy utilising all relevant channels at your disposal. For example, when we create content like case studies or whitepapers, these need to be promoted to your target audience, which is where integrating services like social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) or email marketing come into play.

We have experienced team specialists across all of our core service offerings, including digital marketing, content creation and creative. We work effectively together to ensure we are intelligently integrating activities across the complete marketing mix.

4. Extension of Your Team

Many of our clients utilise us as their sole marketing resource but we also have experience in seamlessly integrating into an organisation to become an extension of the team – a useful trait if businesses already have an active marketing team. We regularly communicate with the technical, sales and management teams to get a full understanding of current and upcoming business and product/solution focuses so that we can tailor and plan our marketing strategies accordingly.

5. Adaptable to Changing Markets

Our specialist industry worlds are vast – we could be working on high-performance computing content one moment and a medical device business the next. However, that’s where our technical understanding really shines. We are adaptable – quickly understanding each organisation’s unique ethos and what they want to achieve. We can also see a subject from different perspectives, for example, AI can be considered from an IT perspective like enhancing cyber security, or from an engineering perspective in enabling advanced robotics. IoT or IIoT. Edge computing or Industry 4.0. We get it.

6. A Focus on Business Value

We understand that marketing needs to deliver actual business value. That value can be delivered in several ways. From enhancing the brand for perceived business value (for example, we have done this for clients to be then sold, or to reach a new market), generating leads through campaigns, generating website traffic and engagement through downloads and effective call to actions, to providing bottom of the funnel sales tools that remove barriers to sales – it varies with each client.

Ultimately, the marketing we create needs to align with our client’s business strategy and sales strategy – enabling goals to be effectively met. With many of our clients, we start with a discovery session to qualify business alignment effectively.

7. In-House Specialist Consultants

To cover the complete marketing mix we have lead specialists and consultants in all of our core areas. Our consultants focus on strategic considerations, behind the scenes they are comparing notes and ideas, extracting all the experience and knowledge within the Motion team effectively.

Our content writers regularly produce all types of content from white papers and data sheets to social media content and blog copy. Our digital specialists are getting the mix between technical elements and user engagement from websites to LinkedIn campaigns. Our in-house creative specialists are used to working in a technical world – from international brand projects to creating the infographics that enable a skim reader on a website, they deliver to your target audience effectively.

8. Highest Quality of Service

Experienced creative, digital and strategic marketers make up the Motion Marketing team and our quality of work reflects this. The senior team have over a century of technical marketing experience between them. Accelerated technical understanding allows us to deliver effectively to a high level. We care about our customers receiving the highest quality of service. One note of consideration though. We are quick, we are effective, and we do have experience, but quality marketing comes from giving skilled people the right time to do the job properly. Our experience and internal systems show what time is needed to do something properly, and that is what we will budget for.

9. Relationship Driven

Long-term partnerships are where we really thrive. We often initially work on specific projects like discovery projects or website development to build the foundations, but almost all projects lead to us being integrated as their full-time marketing partner. You will find us wrapping ourselves into your mindset, becoming part of your team, using the word “we” quickly – visualising Motion and our clients as one entity driving forwards. As we do this we become more and more knowledgeable about your organisation and your marketplace – driving ideas and value, often becoming involved in a broader area of the business such as product/solution strategy, channel strategy and growth strategy. We enjoy working with our clients.

10. A Strong Mix of Creative and Tech

It is important that Motion highlights that although we are a technical marketplace-aware organisation, we very much have the right mix of creative and tech mix within the organisation. Not just the skills and resources, but the mindset. In a technical world there can often be a focus on technical marketing, but it should never be underestimated how a sales opportunity is influenced by your visual identity, your content and messaging brand. If you look and sound like a small unprofessional organisation online, that will influence people’s perception of your organisation and could swing a decision in a competitive scenario. Motion looks to add value to your organisation through both creative and technically led marketing.

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