Our New Website Has Launched!

New Website Launched
Chloe Bunce

After weeks of hard work behind the scenes, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website! Not only did we breathe new life into the site with a refreshed design, but we focused on how our visitors interact with the site so we could provide new features for enhanced usability and more resources for overall better website experience.

So, what’s changed and why?

At Motion, we know a website is the most powerful marketing tool for generating awareness, leads and thought-leadership. Therefore, we are constantly evaluating our own site to ensure it still delivers on our goals, is competitive and on-trend. More importantly, it needs to still be providing our users with a positive experience.

A recent project developing more Motion resources and tools for our customers, led to us revaluating the brand to bring it in line with the evolution of our business (our recent blog on brand evolution explores this topic further). And, whilst we were refreshing the look and feel, we wanted to include more features that would help users navigate and find important content quicker and easier.

Website Launch

Our Key New Features

We have made lots of small functional changes on the site that will hopefully provide a big impact on the way you use it. Firstly, a notable change is the redesigned navigation, which now gives the user a much clearer overview of the site structure, showing what we offer, the industries we work in, our latest projects and what free B2B resources are available for you to download.

Our blogs are now even easier to find and read too. A new filter option allows the user to simply select the category they would like more information on, whether that be design, strategy or digital content. The new cleaner design for the blog aids a better reading experience, with an added helpful feature of suggested articles to read next, all of which are relevant to your current topic.

We welcome your feedback, so please explore the new site and let us know what you think of the design and usability features in the comments below. Please continue to follow the Motion Marketing journey on LinkedIn and Twitter as we release new blogs, industry insights and B2B marketing tools

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