Meet the Motion Marketing Team: Ollie Butler

Digital Marketing Apprentice
Ollie Butler

It has been a pleasure being welcomed into the Motion Marketing team as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. Working alongside a group of seasoned professionals with a wide skillset is truly going to be a rewarding experience and I hope to be both a valuable asset and welcome addition to the team.

Please continue reading to find out more about my experience, the apprenticeship and how I will be assisting the team and Motion’s customers.

Why did I take the apprenticeship route?

I set a high priority on experience when getting qualified in any subject. So, when deciding how to further my education in the digital media and marketing sector, I concluded that an apprenticeship would be able to provide me with more first-hand experience of the job as opposed to what a university course would offer to me at this stage in my career.

What am I most looking forward to during my time at Motion?

I have previously been interested in graphic design, videography, motion graphics, and web design, so naturally I enjoy working on those creative aspects of the job wherever applicable. However, I am especially looking forward to developing my digital marketing knowledge such as understanding user engagement and how it can be optimised, keyword research and delving into website analytics to learn where site traffic is originated and how that data can be used in the wider marketing strategy.

What do I envision my role and responsibilities being at Motion; how will I support the team?

Within my role at Motion, I will be assisting the wider team with the implementation of digital marketing campaigns and with extensive research into customer competition and the market place. My responsibilities will include evaluating trends, company website updates, social media and keyword research. I will also be evaluating website analytics and user journeys, helping drive customer engagement and retention. I hope to bring ideas to the team which boost the effectiveness of these responsibilities, such as design and layout suggestions, trends to incorporate, etc.

What aspect of Digital Marketing do I enjoy the most?

The variety. I enjoy the fact that each business will be different; each solution will be different. The variety I have already seen in the work Motion takes up ensures that I am going to be experiencing a wide range of different challenges and outcomes. I enjoy it when I am challenged to use different platforms and adapt my technique to create a great final result. It is satisfying to learn new platforms and adapt to the demands of each project – it creates a dynamic work environment, and it helps me continue to learn and improve every day.

Do I have any special skills related to digital marketing?

I have some experience with platforms such as WordPress. I have also conducted research with YouTube Analytics via my own personal channel, which leads me on to my best-developed skill: Video Editing and Motion Graphics. This is a skill which can be used in a variety of ways within a marketing strategy and can contribute to the range of Motion’s services.

What do I hope to learn from Motion Marketing?

With my time as an apprentice at Motion, I hope to develop valuable skills in user engagement, SEO, marketing strategy and digital marketing solutions. I am fascinated by the techniques that Motion employs to create effective and unique solutions for businesses – and I hope to learn these skills myself. The Motion team are all professionals in what they do, there’s really no better place for me to learn these skills and develop as a digital marketer.

A new, motivating environment with Motion is going to both challenge my skills and open up opportunities to learn new ones from the best in the business. I hope to bring my fresh eyes and ideas to the table, walking forward with Motion to become a professional and innovative Digital Marketer.

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