Meet the Motion Marketing Team: Claire Randall

Claire Randall
Rob Cullum

Claire Randall is next in our spotlight as we continue to get to know the team behind Motion. Claire joined Motion as a Senior Marketing Consultant and in today’s Q&A blog, we discuss everything from handling the shift from client-side to agency marketing, the top 3 questions Claire likes to ask a new client and what one type of marketing activity should be in every B2B marketing plan.

What one type of marketing activity should be in every B2B marketing plan?

Every marketer should have a content creation plan. Good content is at the core of a successful marketing strategy. It influences everything from lead generation to comms to your website. Never underestimate providing valuable, educational content for your prospects and customers.

Take a look at some of the content we have been involved in here.

How are you finding the shift from client-side to agency marketing?

Having started my career agency side, it’s interesting to come full circle with a few (!) years of extra experience. That experience allows me to really understand the challenges our customers face having stood in their shoes and addressed the same challenges. This means I can identify the best areas to focus on to see a difference in the shortest time and ramp time for projects is low.

What are the top 3 questions you’d ask a new customer?

What are your objectives?

It is crucial to agree upfront on what you are looking to achieve with your marketing and will also help define your strategy.

Who is your audience?

Sounds simple right? It is a good exercise to work on your target audience profile with other stakeholders, including sales, to ensure you are all on the same page and give you a clear set of personas that you can target. Checking back on this with all of your marketing activities is also a wise move to make sure you are on track.

Why should your prospects care about your offering?

Asking this question helps to identify the key differentiators that you can focus on with your marketing, make you stand out in a competitive marketplace and connect with prospects that are looking for your solution.

What should B2B companies look for when choosing a marketing agency?

Look for an agency with an understanding of the marketplace you work in, especially if your space uses technical language to engage with its audience. This will ensure the quickest route to market for your marketing projects, ensuring the messaging and content resonates.

How have you adapted to Motion’s hybrid working approach?

I was already a remote worker since 2016, prior to joining Motion, so switching between home working and office life hasn’t been challenging for me. We use our collaboration tools effectively, never hesitate to pick up the phone or video call and use a range of briefing and project management tools to ensure an efficient workflow.

There is a good balance of remote working when you want to avoid distractions with days in the office and team lunches for all important face-to-face time. The team has been so welcoming since joining the business in 2021 and regular updates ensure we are a community wherever we are working from.

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