A World Record Journey across the North Pacific Ocean

World Record Attempt
Chloe Bunce

Since we began promoting Charlie’s world record attempt to row solo and unsupported across the North Pacific Ocean, you may have been wondering what physical and mental strength is required to embark on such an immense journey. Starting in Choshi, Japan and ending 5,083 miles across the North Pacific in San Francisco, US, we look at the key facts of Charlie’s 6-month journey.

How Many Calories Needed?

During the 5,083-mile journey, Charlie will use 5,000 calories per day, the same as you would burn running two marathons. In total, the trip will take 750,000 calories, which is the same amount you would need to complete 300 marathons! Charlie has dedicated time in his training plan adjusting his nutritional requirements to accommodate the amount that will be lost.

What is the Estimated Row Time?

Charlie and Blossom will be making their way across the North Pacific for an estimated 6 months or 4,320 hours! To cope with the great length of time where there is no physical human interaction, Charlie has been working with a specialist in preparing his mind to learn how to deal with the mental struggles that will occur during the challenge.

What Distance will Charlie & Blossom be Travelling?

The annual Oxford vs Cambridge University Boat Race on the River Thames is 4.2 miles long; the distance Charlie must row to reach his destination is the equivalent of 1,210 boat races! Or, for another perspective, the distance is 8.4 times the length of Britain. After that journey, I’m sure Charlie will be grateful it’s not a round-trip!

How Many Oar Strokes to Reach San Francisco?

The physical strength needed to get through this challenge is enormous. In total, Charlie will need to row an estimated 1,944,000 oar strokes to reach San Francisco. That’s 18 strokes per minute, 1,080 strokes per hour, and 12,960 strokes per 12-hour day. The equivalent to the average amount of strokes in 9623 Olympic 2000m races!

If you are interested in learning more about Charlie’s journey, the equipment he will be using and the engineering behind his purpose-built boat ‘Blossom’, then please read our recent blog post here.

Donate to Charlie's Challenge
Donate to Charlie's Challenge

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