10 Tips for LinkedIn Posting Success in 2022

LinkedIn Post Tips
Angela Greaves

LinkedIn is a powerful social channel for B2B companies and presents many opportunities. It’s a chance to build relationships with like-minded professionals and your customers, a place to share and gain new knowledge and an opportunity to establish your brand’s voice online. But with so many features available to businesses on the channel how do you know if you are maximising the opportunities from LinkedIn? Read our top 10 LinkedIn post tips for success below.

LinkedIn Post Tips

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1. Humanisation

Relationships, communication and knowledge sharing is core to LinkedIn’s platform. To help encourage these and build trust you need to personalise your company page. Write posts with your readers in mind – will it interest them? Does it enable them? Avoiding too much self-promotion will help you build connections and relationships with target customers and prospects, and is one of the LinkedIn post tips that we find helpful to creating brand loyalty.

How can you add that personal touch to your company page? Share ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos or team images that give your followers an insight into daily life at your company, share news on the things your company are passionate about like charities or movements. Also, consider introducing your followers to the team behind the company through blog or video interviews.

2. Join Groups & Conversations

Too often, businesses forget the ‘social’ element of social media. It’s not just about self-promotion, you need to get involved in the latest industry trends and conversations and offer real value to these through your thought-leadership posts, experience and knowledge.

Regularly interacting with LinkedIn Groups where your target audience might reside will help keep you up to date with trends and offer an opportunity to connect with potential prospects. Ensure you are establishing your voice in these groups and online communities by creating thought-provoking posts. Encouraging your group members to think and engage in a conversation through your post will help with building relationships, trust and credibility.

3. Grab the Attention

LinkedIn boasts a professional network of  810 million members  and according to Social Pilot, there are over 2 million posts, articles and videos published on LinkedIn every day – which is a lot of posts to compete with!

To rise above the noise and grab your target readers’ attention, you need to create messages and content that are thought-provoking, intelligent and more importantly, useful. To find the posts that are making the most positive impact with your followers (think high impressions, clicks and reactions) ensure you are performing regular LinkedIn post audits.

During your audit, categorise your posts and review which type performed the best and adjust your social strategy accordingly. It’s also wise to ensure you are keeping an eye on the competition – find out how they are performing and if there’s anything you could improve on your company page.

4. Facts & Stats

Statistics are an important way to convey information to your followers. They hold more impact on the reader, removing opinions and bias. In our specialist industries, manufacturing and engineering, facts and statistics work well as our audience are familiar with logic and numbers. Validated data helps our audience get a clear idea of the product or solution being offered and the benefits it can deliver for them.

You may want to consider completing your own research study with industry participants. Spend time creating your chosen questions and contemplate the content you want to create from this study, this will most likely influence what you ask. These research projects can be costly depending on the route you take, but they generate more than just unique facts and stats content for social media. You can use your industry research to launch multiple press releases and blogs that help with backlink strategies.

5. Enable the Viewer

There is no harm in a dash of self-promotion on your LinkedIn company page, however, it is important to ensure you get the balance right between this and enabling your readers. LinkedIn is a great place for users to perform their solution or product research and your company posts need to offer confidence and reassurance in your offerings.

Share your educational and enabling resources like technical white papers, case studies or product brochures with your followers. Guide them to the information they need to help with their decision-making process. View our content marketing services to discover even more useful resources you can create and share with your customers.

6. Social Content that Delivers Conversions

Encouraging your followers to click-through from your post is just the first stage of LinkedIn success. It should be delivering on your goals and conversions and that means defining what you want to achieve from a post before you publish. Understand what each social content piece should deliver, such as increasing the time spent on your site, engaging with more blogs, downloading resources, learning from your product pages, or completing a form for lead generation.

If you have these clear goals in mind it will help when it comes to optimising the call-to-actions you use throughout the landing page content and within your LinkedIn post and imagery. If the conversion is of high value to your business, you might even consider LinkedIn sponsorship to attract users beyond your followers.

7. Professional Imagery

According to Social Pilot’s latest social media research, images on average result in a 98% higher comment rate than without on LinkedIn. Choosing the right imagery can have a huge impact on your post’s success. It needs to represent your brand, the post message and be bold enough to attract attention. One of the LinkedIn post tips that we find valuable is investing in team photography — this can help avoid the usage of stock imagery and keep your post more personal and unique.

Also, ensure you are aware of the technical image requirements when it comes to posting images on LinkedIn. Your creative designer needs to understand the optimum image file types and sizes for the different post types on LinkedIn. This handy social media image cheat sheet should help.

8. Hashtags

LinkedIn hashtags are a powerful feature for expanding the reach of your post beyond your followers. It can connect the user from their search query to your post and by extension your company page. Hashtags are also a good way for engaging with others who are following the same topics. For example, if you are exhibiting at an event, you could use the organisers’ hashtag to connect with attendees or other exhibitors.

Make use of LinkedIn’s auto-suggestion feature or even better, search hashtags on LinkedIn’s platform to get an accurate idea of the number of people following a hashtag and therefore, its popularity so you can select the ones that will drive more impressions whilst avoiding the hashtags where your post could easily get lost in the noise.

9. Diversifying Your Company Posts

Although your LinkedIn posts are typically found in the user’s main feed, they will often venture onto your company page to view your latest posts and when this happens, you want to present them with a diverse selection of posts to avoid post fatigue.

LinkedIn offers various media upload options to help with this diversification. One of the LinkedIn post tips that we recommend is experimenting with different post formats such as uploading a PDF product brochure that users can read directly on the platform, a short animated video to capture and maintain the user’s attention or utilising a poll to gain insight into your followers’ mindset.

10. Consistency

Amongst all the LinkedIn post tips, we feel having a solid content posting plan in place is one of the most important to achieving maximum success. This helps keep track of the number of posts being published as well as the content subjects. Keeping your feed diverse and finding the right balance between the frequency of which you post is vital. There is no one size fits all approach for the amount you publish, so harness your analytics data to find what’s working for you.

There will always be advice from social posting platforms and industry blogs around the best times to post and these are good starting points but are not definitive. According to LinkedIn, companies that post 20 times per month reach at least 60% of their unique audience but you must discover what works for your followers and industry. Try some A/B testing then delve into the LinkedIn post analytics to find the time that worked best for your business. It’s good to do this regularly as your followers’ habits change.

A Final Word on LinkedIn Post Tips

We hope these LinkedIn post tips have given you a good starting point to help you maximise your success on the platform. There are plenty of tips here, so feel free to test different approaches to find out which tips work best for your business and target audience. A good way to determine the most effective tips for you and business is to review the analytics data.

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