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Daniel Kanigowski

LinkedIn presents many opportunities for B2B companies. It’s a chance to build relationships with like-minded professionals or your customers, a place to share and gain new knowledge and somewhere to establish your brand’s voice online. Are you maximising the opportunities from LinkedIn? Read our top 10 tips for LinkedIn success below.

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1. Humanisation

In order to build relationships and trust, you need to be able to communicate in a genuine and human way. Writing and sharing posts with your readers in-mind and avoiding too much self-promotion will help you build connections and relationships with target customers and prospects, this also helps to create brand loyalty. This is also key to share company’s ethos and practices. By sharing ‘behind-the-scenes’ or team images you give your followers an insight into daily life at your company, giving it more credibility and introducing the team behind it.

2. Join Groups & Conversations

Too often, businesses forget the ‘social’ element of social media. It’s not just about self-promotion, you need to get involved in the latest industry trends and conversations and offer real value to these through your thought-leadership posts, experience and knowledge. In groups, you are surrounded by like-minded professionals who want to talk about your industry matters. Groups offer valuable information, you might gain some more knowledge and even recruit some new followers to your page. It keeps you up to date with trends and in the front of the mind for people that matter most especially if you establish your voice in these groups and online communities. The most efficient way to achieve this is by creating thought-provoking posts. Making your followers think and engage in a conversation with you means they will be involved with your post for longer.

3. Grab the Attention

There are over 630 million users on the website. According to Content Marketing Institute, on LinkedIn there is over 2 million posts, articles and videos shared every day! That is a lot of posts to compete with! You want to create messages and content that are thought-provoking, intelligent and more importantly useful to the reader. Having a broader range means more connections, having more unique content that is specific for your target audience will end up engaging more quality leads.

4. Facts & Stats

Statistics are one of the most important ways that you will convey information to your viewers. It helps to create a much stronger image because they are fact in its purest form, removing opinions and bias. Facts and Statistics work well with our specialist industries manufacturing and engineering. This is because these are sectors that are familiar with logic and numbers, they do not like marketing hype and expect validated data to get a clear idea of the product or solution being offered and the benefits it can deliver for them.

5. Enable the Viewer

There is no harm in promoting yourself, however it is important to ensure that you get the balance right between allowing your viewers to make their own decision and self-promotion. For viewers to become customers, they need the freedom of decision-making, with a little nudge of influence with strong and useful messaging. When the viewer makes the decision, it gives them reassurance and confidence in your product or service you are providing.

6. Call-To-Action

Although writing articles should be enjoyable and it’s a good way to show off your professional knowledge, that is not the main point of making a blog, especially for B2B. The challenge is focusing on what is the main goal of this post and what conversions you want it to achieve. It is vital for your blog to have something that can be used to get the readers more involved with your brand. Ensure that the call-to-action is enticing, and the message is clear on what the readers will achieve with the click-through.

7. Professional Imagery

When posting, ensure you are aware of the basic image requirements including the optimum size. A good image needs to be professional to make a good impression. We have found some handy social media image cheat sheets here. Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t support GIF’s with the image being still rather than animated when uploaded. You can however upload a MP4 video file that is under 15 seconds and will automatically loop, giving you the desired and similar GIF effect. An animated image is sure to draw attention to a user scrolling through their feed more so than a static one. It brings life to the post which you do not get in a still image.

8. Hashtags

Hashtags have been a recent change on LinkedIn (Hashtags were available on the phone app since 2016 but only came to web last year). Hashtags enable your post to be seen by more users outside of your direct connections. Hashtags became a secondary way of linking up with other professionals that follow similar hashtags as you. It gains your post traction from outside of your connections. In order to stay on top of your competition, look at most popular hashtags in your industry and see which one you can use in order to boost your post impressions.

9. URL Best Practices

Your chosen landing page is a vital point in making sure your post is being used efficiently. Ensuring your links are correct doesn’t sound like a deal-breaker but it could make the difference between gaining or losing a potentially new lead and customer. Think about the landing page you are linking to, is it relevant to the post and what the user wants to see? If the landing page is not what they were looking for this could affect your bounce rate with users’ leaving as soon as they arrive.

10. Consistency

For success, you need to be aware of the amount of information that you are sending to your followers. It’s vital to have the right balance with how much you upload. If you post too frequently it could have a negative effect and de-value the posts. The cheat sheet below shows optimum posting times on LinkedIn. The best times to post is on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at around 10-11AM in order to get the most traction on your post. It’s important to note that the traffic on LinkedIn reduces significantly on the weekends and good intriguing posts could be wasted if uploaded then.

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