The Colour Dominating the Technology Sector

Matt White | Creative

Article Published: 5th November 2018

Technology Branding Matt White

What does the colour blue mean to you? Intelligence, trust, communication and efficiency? These are the most popular connotations connected with the colour and could be the reason why it is often used in technology branding. The following blog investigates why it’s so popular and why it can be good to break the mould for generating business.

IT Businesses Utilising Blue in Their Technology Branding

As an IT marketing agency, we always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to branding in the IT/tech sector, so there was no surprise when our recent search found a wealth of businesses utilising the colour blue and you can probably recognise many of them. Whether a business is B2B, B2C, software, optimisation, networking or security, blue appears time and time again in technology branding. A few examples are displayed below.

Blue Technology Brands

Market leaders and well-known brands such as Windows, Cisco and HP, may also have a strong influence on the brand choices of smaller businesses, who want to follow in their footsteps to remain on-trend and portray the same loyalty and trust these brands have built up.

In the UK, recent survey results show that 19% of technology sector roles are filled by women, so although there has been strong promotion of STEM education to close this gender gap, the industry is still dominated by the male demographic. Therefore, it might make sense for a business to choose a colour associated with the male demographic for their technology branding that will resonate best to its target audience.

For IT businesses, conforming to the colour blue may seem like an ‘easy’ option, but there are other reasons why businesses may be reluctant to drop the colour altogether from their brand. The fear of not looking ‘techie’ enough could be a major factor. The popularity of the colour in the industry means it is instantly recognisable as a technology or corporate brand.

The Motion Marketing Solution to Overcome the Blues

Regardless of the industry, businesses should aim to differentiate themselves in a crowded market place and adopting a stand-out brand colour is an effective way of achieving this. However, they must ensure they are still talking the same language as competitors and other key industry leaders, as straying too far from the norm could result in a lack of recognition from an audience that are so familiar with typical technology branding. For companies embracing a new colour entirely, other design techniques such as font choice and the use of familiar iconography can send out recognisable signals to their audience.

At Motion Marketing, we believe that using a colour pallet, rather than one single brand colour, is an effective compromise. By introducing a range of secondary colours, IT companies can promote their personality and uniqueness, whilst still retaining the industry-recognised blue within their technology branding. More choice enhances your chances of standing out in the crowd, especially in this competitive industry. As an example, imagine turning up to an exhibition and instead of being lost in a sea of blue, you can firmly cement your brand and position in attendees’ minds.

You can see an example of these techniques working effectively for a big player in the international IT industry by viewing the Motion Marketing case study for SecurEnvoy. The global business, like many others in their field, were represented with a tech-friendly blue logo, font and overall brand. Motion successfully retained the company’s historical blue colour whilst enhancing it with secondary colours of turquoise and pink. At the same time, all other design elements were created following extensive visual research into the IT industry and are therefore instantly recognisable as belonging to the technical world.

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