Want to Improve Conversions? Ask these 3 Design Questions

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Matt White

Website goals and conversions vary between businesses. The value placed on these is also different for each company dependent on their marketing and sales objectives. However, whichever conversion you choose to monitor and improve, conversion rates provide a clear indication of a website’s performance and can highlight improvements needed to ensure you are maximising the opportunities for business growth. Do you have a focused conversion web design in place? Find out by asking yourself these three design questions to get started.

1. Does your website design enhance your business brand?

Your website is your most prominent shop window and often the first interaction a customer has with your brand. It’s your chance to hit your audience with a great first impression, so if your target customer comes browsing, are you confident your website enhances your business value?

An inconsistent website design or poor usability all reflect on your business standards. Therefore, it is important to not let your customers assume the same standards apply to your business operations and the product/service portfolio you’re offering. Instead, you want to instil them with confidence and prove that all areas of your business are running smooth and slick, just like your website!

If you offer complex solutions and products, you might want to consider infographics and iconography. They are effective tools that enable users to quickly see how your core offerings work in a simple and visual method. At Motion, we regularly include these for our customers, as it produces more engaging pages and content that deliver results.

2. Does your website take the user on a journey?

We have a tried and tested method when it comes to planning and building a website. At the top of our to-do lists is always creating a solid user journey. To make it successful, you need to put yourself in your users’ shoes to predict how they will interact with your site and what questions they will ask at each key stage of their journey (research, awareness, consideration and decision). With this mindset identified, you can begin to tailor the content and call-to-action placements to answer their questions or guide them to the next stage in their journey.

For example, a user visiting your homepage is unlikely to want to contact your business immediately, so a ‘contact us’ button could be a wasted CTA opportunity. They are more likely to want to research your products/services, value-add benefits and company history. Therefore, your call-to-action should reflect this with links to your about us or services pages.

Navigation and site usability are important factors in the website user journey and one that needs to be carefully considered during the design and planning phase. It needs to be clean, clear and simple to interact with. Remember, a confused or impatient user won’t stick around on your site for long. So, if you want to start increasing those conversions, make sure you make it easy for them to stay.

3. Are your call-to-actions prominent?

The call-to-action is a fundamental element for all webpages. They influence and motivate your audience in taking the next step to becoming a customer. Whether you want them to download a white paper, subscribe to an email list, or provide contact information, these actions must be triggered with a well-placed CTA.

The easier you make it for your audience to take the next step, the more likely they are to do so. Ensure your call-to-actions are clear and visible and with at least one placed above the fold (the area of content that is visible to your user without the need to scroll).

It can be extremely useful to perform A/B testing when fine-tuning your call-to-action to maximise on conversions. You can adjust and compare many variations through A/B testing, including the position of the call-to-action, the copy used or even the style of the button.

Do you need help improving your website conversion performance? Or, would you like help to review and implement a user journey that will deliver for your business? Get in touch with the Motion team to see how we can help.

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