Does Your Brand Reflect the Evolution of Your Business?

Brand Evolution
Matt White

Every 2 or 3 years it is a good idea to step back from your business and try to view all your customer-facing channels (such as your website, social media channels and printed collateral) and – in as dispassionate a mood as possible – analyse whether they are truly representing the core culture and objectives of your business.

Companies are animate entities, they morph, expand and evolve, moving with market forces, internal developments and the people who make them run. Often a company’s original goals and objectives can completely change over time which is no bad thing; evolutionary, agile and proactive companies are the ones that can expect to succeed. But sometimes change can happen in the background and remain hidden from vital internal and external stakeholders.

Strong leadership and a culture of honest internal communications ensures that changes in the business occur consciously and with the buy-in of internal stakeholders, but it is vital that these changes are presented to external stakeholders as well; your customers, competitors and industry influencers. This is where brand-management comes in.

Does your brand represent your new business goals?

A change in direction may have been agreed upon around the boardroom table, but it is essential that your brand represents your new business goals to the people you deal with, and those that you’d like to deal with in the future.

As a consumer yourself, you will know that we all make snap, often subconscious judgements on businesses based on their ‘packaging’; the visual clues that companies present to the world – this is equally relevant in the B2B world where brand has equal impact on our decision-making. In the digital age we have evolved to make these conclusions in nanoseconds based on an advert we scroll past on a social media news feed or the first glance at a website’s homepage. Your brand has the critically important job of communicating what you are about in that miniscule time frame. If you have recently changed focus, or recognise that your company’s culture has evolved, then this needs to be represented by your brand.

At Motion Marketing we are experts at recognising when a brand isn’t giving a true representation of the core ethos and Unique Selling Points of a business, and our brand experts and experienced graphic designers will reveal just how effectively your brand can get your key messages across.

Viewing your brand with a fresh pair of eyes can often flash up some misrepresentations which have occurred naturally as your business has evolved. Whether you need a subtle refresh or a brand-new look, you can trust that Motion provide a rigorous and scientific approach to ensure you will be sending out all the right messages. Get in touch for a chat today on 01285 323 626.

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