4 Ways to Get Started with B2B Video Marketing

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Article Published: 5th May 2020

B2B Video Marketing Matt White

In our recent blog, we discussed the opportunities 5G technology will deliver, including faster connection speeds that will allow businesses to expand on ways to increase audience engagement and customer retention. 5G and other new technology advancements are paving the way for B2B video marketing to make a significant impact with creative content that will be at the forefront of the customers’ mind.

How to utilise B2B video marketing and animation

When you think of video marketing, you might think it may seem more suitable for the B2C market. However, there are plenty of interesting opportunities and approaches where video can make a noteworthy impression for B2B. There are several video types to choose from depending on your video goal and the message you must promote. Continue reading below to see some of our preferred ways to use video marketing in B2B.

Technical Animation

Technical animations enable the potential viewer to fully explore your innovative product. Helping prospective customers better understand and visualise how the product/solution functions and operates. The visual aid can be much more engaging compared to text content and can be typically used to showcase the unique selling points of a product over that of a competitor. Although they typically take longer to properly plan and produce, a technical animation will have a greater impact.

Technical AnimationMotion Marketing was recently involved with an exciting technical animation project with long-standing customer Pro Optix. The leading company were launching world-first products to the fibre optical market and therefore, needed an impactful visual aid to quickly and clearly showcase what their new range had to offer. Extensive planning and design were key to the ultimate success of this project with storyboards, and messaging carefully considered before progressing to the animation stage. Take a look at the finished video here.

Training Videos

Training videos are extremely useful in the B2B market, especially when technical and often complex product/solutions are involved. It is video-based content dedicated to properly educating the customer on your innovative product or solution. Video training can instil confidence in a new customer equipping them with the knowledge they have easily accessible on-demand support. Valuable customer educational tools could be the essential difference in winning or losing a potential opportunity.

As 68% of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video, it is important training videos are considered as part of your customer acquisition and retention strategy.

Training VideosWorking with our engineering customers PACE Networks and Morris Line Engineering (MLE), we developed a series of short, step-by-step training videos for installers working with their products. The videos were used across several marketing channels and campaigns including paid and organic social media advertising, call-to-actions across their website leading to a dedicated landing page and in a targeted email campaign. Watch the videos here.

Company Introduction Videos

Company introduction videos can often be seen within social media posts or on a website’s homepage. They are typically short attention-grabbing videos that help to display key information about a business and its unique selling points. A company introduction video is an engaging way to present your business and its brand to new customers. Including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%, so it is well worth the investment when promoting your company.

Case Study Videos

Case studies and testimonials are pivotal to opening new doors to opportunities and sales. Case study videos allow prospects to watch a product or solution being utilized in a real-life scenario. It can aid with visualizing how it could work in their environments and provide a greater depth of understanding to a product. Satisfied customers can show your target audience you are a brand that can be trusted and is credible to aid with the selling process even more. 

Guide to utilising B2B video marketing

Video marketing does require investment in time and resources to be successful. Therefore, once they are created, they will need to be promoted through the appropriate channels to maximise the chance of conversions and opportunities.

It is no surprise that video on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels generates higher engagement rates, with posts that include video attracting three times more clicks than text-only posts. There is a lot of noise when scrolling through a social channel and utilising movement will help to command the user’s attention. LinkedIn and Twitter allow for short video clips to be uploaded alongside your message, which will auto-play in the feed encouraging more reactions and click-throughs.

Technical animations can be hosted on your company website product pages. Using the animated video alongside other technical resources and on-page text content provides the user with key information in a variety of media formats to help educate and influence their next decision. Conversion tracking can be added to the website so you can monitor the media type your users most prefer.

Case studies can be used throughout your website as trust-building call-to-actions, for example on the about, product or solution pages. By posting trimmed 10-second versions of the videos on social media, you can build your brand credibility whilst encouraging the user to continue watching on your website – driving them through the funnel.

Training videos work well on dedicated resource pages. A resource or knowledge hub is instinctively where a user will look when in need of product/solution help, therefore including these pages will help to create a better on-site experience for ease of navigation. If training videos are a key part of your after-service, consider building a dedicated training portal where customers can receive login information to access exclusive training footage.

Is video marketing included in your marketing strategies? Motion Marketing can help plan, design and execute engaging video content that can be utilised to boost awareness and leads across the digital channels. Look out for our next blog where we will discuss how to ensure you get the perfect video!

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